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When Mortimer Blackburn arrived on the shores of North America from his native Ireland, he had already had an idea of what he wanted to accomplish in his life. He didn't know what it would be, or how it would look, but he had a pretty good idea of the direction he would go. He wanted to start a store. He'd already found entrepreneurial success as a small business owner as a student. His wheeling and dealing had accomplished a lot in the short time he'd spent at his old alma mater. And there were a few students who would never forget him, for good or ill.

But this was no Hogwarts, and he was no longer a child. But the same wit and enthusiasm that had made a name for him would come in handy once again as he navigated and negotiated this new frontier.

So the magical mercantile as we know it first was started out of need. Mortimer was a fresh new emigrant trying to make heads or tails of his new home, and having a bit of a time of it. Everything was unfamiliar, and his tendency to avoid use of magic was a bit of a tax, at least from the perspective of his fellow wizards. He did admittedly use it in the initial set up of the tent, but as usual, he was very careful to avoid it whenever he could. He wasn't not a wizard, and he was wise enough to use it when that reality presented a need.


But rule number one for success in his first merchandizing attempts was this: don't rely on magic when something more practical will do. Too many wizards rely so heavily on magic that they undercut themselves! That's where his specialty shined: not all magic solves problems, and not all problems are truly benefitted by magic (as we know it).

He'd also learned to never use it in regards to relationships; magic was no substitute for a friend, and love comes of no involuntary spell (or at least its a magic for beyond the corporeal stuff he'd been taught by his instructors). Even in running the business he learned quite quickly that to rely on magic could be a short cut to pain and headaches (a saying he would pick up later from one of his World War II companions was, "Easy come, easy go.") Whenever possible, it was always better to establish understandable, repeatable systems, rather than wave a wand at his problem.

His father had been in the merchant/shipping business, and Mortimer had spent a summer with him after leaving school "prematurely" (not his words) on deck of his ship, or the ship he was commissioned on. It was definitely more than he had expected, but exactly the kind of "education" he'd left school in search of. 


That little adventure on the high seas had ultimately bourn fruit in a relationship with some rather gregarious and friendly American chaps who'd also invited him and his father to come see them in America.

He'd reconnected with these friends upon his arrival, but had be set on making his own way.​


Visit The Local Shoppe

Come to Master Mortimer's Magical Mercantile for all your wizarding effects! We sell all sorts of handmade goods, from wands to brooms, to feather quills and ink. We also sell handmade wooden toys and all sorts of potion ingredients. We also plan to make and sell original pottery, weapons, leaded stained glass, and custom costume pieces, including dresses, corsets, leatherwork, hats, and armor.

The mercantile and pub are open all week long, but it's best if you message or call us in advance to schedule your visit.

Or just wait until Saturday to come see us in our magical marketplace, where you can shop and play, meet magical creatures, watch performers, and come dressed to the nines as your original character! It's happening any day of the week, contingent on you making an appointment, in the court yard of the Blackburn Manor.

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