Wizarding in the Wild West

We hold a weekly magical marketplace every Saturday from 3 to 10pm in the court yard of the Blackburn Manor in Springville, Utah. These last all year round, but are best experienced between the times of spring and fall, from Beltane to Samhain, or May 1st to October 31st.

The market is place of magical make-believe. It is also a community of professional players and product vendors. It is the hub of an interactive live action story telling group centered around the world of Wizarding in the Wild West. Before visiting, we recommend you fulfill a short check list.


There are performances, cosplayers, small stage shows, craft demonstrations, and live exotic animals. We sell beautiful, handmade magical merchandise, rich and wonderful original homemade and home-brewed food and drink out of the wizard pub. We build fires, roast marshmallows, engage in quests and host competitive campaigns, and just have an all around great time each week.

We also are open to new comers who desire to play and sell with us. Inquire at the Staff and Stone pub.

The public is invited to attend, though costumes are encouraged emphatically. Entrance to the market is always free.