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Blackburn Academy
of the
Magical Arts

Before any witches or wizards had set foot in the intermountain west, there had a been a sustained but subtle tradition of magic, though very little was ever written down. Most was passed by word of mouth by the peoples that roamed these vales and mountains. In time the imported magical peoples would come to appreciate and integrate with this rich tradition, but initially, they were almost completely unaware of it.

As such, and as most Europeans have done when they come to a new place, they set about to bring their version of order and meaning to a place.  From this perspective, perhaps it makes sense that, from the view of these wizards, there was a dearth of magical education in the western part of the United States.

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Therefore, once they themselves got settled in their new land, the brothers Blackburn, namely Master Benjamin, started a school. It was he who had the bulk of training teaching the youth, and his experience and affinity for academic learning didn't hurt. It was therefore with the blessing (and financing) of his brother Mortimer that he (or they) opened an academy dedicated to help and lifting of local witches and wizards from their ignorance. He sought to hone and expand latent talents and grow their abilities into the masters of sorcery that he trusted would emerge.

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It was not nothing to say that he had an extensive pedigree of powerful teachers from the old world where he trained, and no doubt this tradition ought, or needed to be passed on. Once the necessary opportunities presented themselves, the school he would start would inevitably make a major difference in the world of wizardry. Thus was the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts begun.


Join Us for Magic Classes

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Here at the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts, we offer a wide selection of classes for witches and wizards looking to expand their magical abilities. Some subjects are still in development and not yet fully offered; please be sure to inquire about the availability of the subjects you wish to experience and explore.

See the list of classes here.

After purchasing your classes, please contact us directly to schedule your date.

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