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Experience The Story

Immerse Yourself

Experience the Spaces

The stories of Benjamin and Mortimer Blackburn are best experienced in person by walking through their personal spaces on a tour by one of them. You may schedule a tour by contacting them directly.

Immerse Yourself In The Story

You are able to personally participate and engage in person in the world of wizards in the wild west. We host a myriad of gatherings and events that are directly tied to the world of Benjamin and Mortimer. Occasionally, they may even attend along with you and your guests.

Some events are free, while others require a purchase. Choose from the list below.


Watch the Series

The stories of Benjamin and Mortimer Blackburn are being produced as a mult-season TV series. You will be able to witness firsthand the stories, places, and characters of this wonderful tale as they happened from the comfort of your own home. You may follow them to find out when it is available on instagram under the handle @wizarding_in_the_wildwest.

Experience the Spaces
Watch the Series
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