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The Staff and the Stone


Mortimer's pub was the first business he ever started. Then he was young and full of vim and vigor. It was begun on a whim and an attempt to try his hand at starting a business. As an irishman, it seemed like a logical fit.

And while it was profitable and gave him insight into the ongoings of the local wizarding community, he quickly learned that it didn't exactly capture his long term vision for life; his heart just wasn't in it. He did his job well as a bartender and was excellent listener, which was his favorite part. But offering spirits to patrons just didn't do it for him, as he preferred to talk with them directly, unencumbered by drink.

But it wasn't too many years later that he saw fit in reinstating the pub as an end unto itself; need drove him, and, as before, it came in handy in intercepting important necessary information from his clientele. It began on the isle of Avalon, in order for him to intercept important knowledge from the coarse community of pirates living there. And he found additional and lasting friendships through that connection as well. He'd eventually open multiple branches of it through the American West, but only when he could find capable and intelligent help to man them. And once the irish musicians found him and knew of their kinship, they'd follow the pub wherever it went.

At first, Mortimer only offered drinks. But since pubs in Ireland are so much more than a watering hole, he soon offered tasty treats and home cooked meals. To this would be added hot drinks in the winter, and home brewed soda once they became popular. He'd eventually also include a variety of out-of-the-box and traditional cold, creamy desserts on the menu.

In time, the pub would become an integral part of the magical marketplace. And it continues to be a part of it to this day. And it is still known throughout the American magical word as the place to come and drown your mystical woes.

Visit the Pub

The original pub is located in the courtyard of the Blackburn Manor, but functions as a part of the magical mercantile store inside. It is open during the summer months, and available to provide a place of food service and refreshment during private gatherings. As a portable pub, it is also seen at various events, and can be rented out and moved for outside gatherings. To make a purchase and enjoy a drink, let us know you're coming by contacting us.

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