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Experience The Place

An important part of what we do centers around cultivating the needs in our community. We do this by entertaining through hosting of events, facilitating the means of making social connections, and offering physical products that help you continue to feel connected to the unifying stories we tell. We also encourage and enable those who wish to help contribute to our efforts means of making contributions, whether by goods, services, or financing.

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Attend An Event

We offer a variety of events and experiences throughout the year. Our goal is to provide you with catered experiences that allow you to feel a part of a magical place and time by immersing you in the make-believe. We offer everything from one man character interactions to full improvisational murder mysteries for our visitors.

But our favorite is our trick-or-treating haunted house where trick-or-treaters and their parents are invited to take a tour and meet the current dark residents.

The next favorite event is our twenty person murder mystery where you and nineteen of your closest friends get to dress up in character and play improv one of the stories of the Blackburn brothers over dinner. The house is your stage.

We offer magical classes that allow students to make potions, learn to divine the future, write with a real quill and ink, or design a custom wand.

And sometimes all we do is simply host firesides in the firepit of the yard.

No matter the occasion, we are glad for the time you devote to playing here at the Blackburn Manor!

Below is a comprehensive listing of the events we offer.


Connect to Our Community

One of our priorities is to help members of our community to remain or become connected. Life provides all sorts of twists and turns that can be easier to handle when you have others you can rely on or ask a favor of. With that in mind, we host a private facebook group called Master Mortimer's Magical Marketplace where you can inquire after any personal needs, whether they be creative, human resources, looking for participants for an event, costume ideas, or seeking or offering tools to students enrolled in our school.


Bring the Story Home

While everyone may aspire to living in a haunted boarding house, we know not everyone will fit! With that in mind, we keep a healthy stock of brooms, wands, quills, ink, and potion bottles onhand for any needy witch or wizard who wishes to transform their personal space to a more witchy vibe. 

We also have a store of resources for purchase to help you internalize what it is we do here. We keep a healthy store of books on the shelves and gourmet soda in the icebox to satiate any summer cravings.We take pride in making just about everything by hand ourselves, and are always happy to help you in your shopping needs.

  • Wands

  • Brooms

  • Quills & Ink

  • Wooden Toys

  • Apothecary

  • Jewelry

  • Dolls

  • Pub Offerings

Bring the Story Home, Literally

We are currently in the process of recording in book form the adventures and history of Benjamin and Mortimer Blackburn. It will take the form of a multi-book series. As soon as these books are in print, we will offer them here.

In addition, once the books are published, we plan to start production on a TV series of the same stories. Again, these will be made available through this platform, as well as, perhaps, a streaming service near you.


Make A Donation

Occasionally, visitors to the Blackburn Manor wish to make a donation, whether in cash or by some other method. We gratefully accept any and all offerings, and thank you kindly for your generosity.

If there are those who have, as yet, been unsuccessful at making a desired contribution, you may find and click our handle on Venmo here, @thirdofeight or click or scan the image below.

Bring the Story Home
Connect to Our Community
Make A Donation
Attend An Event
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