Wizarding in the Wild West

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Special Events

We are the Blackburn Brothers, and we own and operate a variety of business ventures, each with the purpose of enriching the lives of magical peoples and races the world over. These include the Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters, Master Mortimer's Magical Mercantile and Marketplace, Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts, and Masters Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn's School for the Alchemical Arts

Each one of these businesses offers its own proper classes, gatherings, events, quests, and campaigns. You can learn more about each business and what events each offers below.

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The Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters is a safe house for dark creatures who have been rejected by their own kind. 
We provide a protective place for them to be safe, heal, and find themselves. We welcome those who might need a space to put down personal demons and to build their confidence.

We have three signature events we hold that you might participate in: our seasonal 
haunted house, our ongoing murder mystery dinners, our monthly full moon feasts, and staying the night in our pirate bunk house.

We look forward to eating, err, meeting you!

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Come to Master Mortimer's Magical Mercantile for all your wizarding effects! We sell all sorts of handmade goods, from wands to brooms, to feather quills and ink. We also sell handmade wooden toys and all sorts of potion ingredients. We also plan to make and sell original pottery, weapons, leaded stained glass, and custom costume pieces, including dresses, corsets, leatherwork, hats, and armor.

The mercantile and pub are open all week long, but it's best if you message or call us in advance to schedule your visit.

Or just wait until Saturday to come see us in our magical marketplace, where you can shop and play, meet magical creatures, watch performers, and come dressed to the nines as your original character! It's happening every Saturday from 3 to 9pm in the court yard of the Blackburn Manor.


Blackburn Academy

of the

Magical Arts

We follow largely after the European magical tradition, but with a distinctive American flair. We hold beginner classes for seven different subjects, including potions, divination, magical creatures, herbology, candle making, wand making, and quills and ink. We also teach more involved heritage skill classes.

The school is particularly well known for it's elaborate and sundry feasts. The magical mercantile on the premises also has a considerable reputation; students and adults visit regularly to buy school supplies, and to fulfill common household wizarding needs.

We are currently open for business, and can give you a free tour; just
send us an owl to let us know you're coming!

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Masters Mortimer and

 Benjamin Blackburn's


for the



quill and ink class

Masters Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn's School for the Alchemical Arts is an an upper level educational institution specifically dedicated to the comprehension, development, and integration of the science of creativity.

Rather than a prescribed curriculum like that of the afore mentioned Blackburn Academy, each enrollee is carefully consulted wherein their specific goals and desires are understod and assessed. A curriculum is then designed around the achievement of the student's particular goals. We not only provide a structure to help students achieve their objectives, but provide support and fundamental instruction on the nature of the world and how to use to achieve certain ends.

We teach everything from acting to world building, from cleaning your room to overcoming false beliefs.

We also put on seven interconnected trainings on the practices, theory, and integration of positive mental health.

All the subjects we cover fall within three broad categories: Overcoming personal difficulties, developing new and necessary patterns, and cultivating storytelling skills.

Enroll here.

Additional Events

Tour of Blackburn Manor

Visitors may schedule a visit to come see our campus and to ask questions. Tours include wand testing in the mercantile by request.

Birthday or family party

Reserve the Blackburn Manor for your exclusive group. Plan to bring your own food and provide your own activities. Seating available for 14 adults or 16 children.

Visit the Magical Marketplace

We hold a free magical market every Saturday from 3pm to 10pm in Springville, in the court yard of the Blackburn Manor. Costumes are encouraged.

Marshmallow & Weenie Roast

We'll build a campfire in the back and provide the mallows, brats, seats, firewood, and roasting sticks. You just show up with your people. We've even got a guitar to lend you if you need it!


Popular Group  Events