Wizarding in the Wild West

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We offer an overload of incredible events for visitors to cultivate their imagination by actively participating in our story.


Whether you come for a tour, experience our magical mercantile, or need a private gathering space, we have just what you need.

Tour of Blackburn Manor

Visitors may schedule a visit to come see our campus and to ask questions. Tours include wand testing in the mercantile by request.

Magical Mercantile visit

We sell and test magic wands for visitor. We also sell quills, watches, writing journals, and walnut ink. Come experiences our iconic wizarding mercantile store!

Magic Classes

We teach eight different immersive magical classes for witches and wizards of all ages. 

Stay the Night

You and up to five of your friends can spend the night in our attic bunk house. Hammocks, mattresses, bedding, and pillows provided.

Murder Mystery

You and thirteen of your closest friends get to get into character and cosplay as questionable creatures in an original murder mystery hosted personally by Mortimer Blackburn.

Halloween Haunt

Each Halloween we open our doors to trick-or-treaters who have the opportunity to meet the supernatural boarders of our dark boarding house.

Birthday or family party

Reserve the Blackburn Manor for your exclusive group. Plan to bring your own food and provide your own activities. Seating available for 14 adults or 16 children.

School Feasts

We host incredible feasts on special occasions. These are planned in coordination with our creativity school.

Marshmallow & Weenie Roast

We'll build a campfire in the back and provide the mallows, brats, seats, firewood, and roasting sticks. You just show up with your people. We've even got a guitar to lend you if you need it!

Magical Marketplace

A weekly gathering for the community where visitors are immersed in all things magical. Wizards, mermaids, and merchants gather to dress up, perform, and sell wares.


Popular Group  Events