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Meet With Mortimer

There are many reasons you might meet with Mortimer Blackburn. He can help assist you in the establishment and maintenance of a pattern of mindfulness, he can connect you to his community and resources, he is capable of guiding and training you in the development of your personal purpose and potential, and he has a reputation for inspiring curiosity and imagination in others.

Personal Purpose


Here at the Blackburn Manor we offer individual coaching to help students and parents overcome personal emotional difficulties while developing and maintain healthy active mindfulness practices. Mortimer has plenty of experience assisting individuals process and overcome emotional challenges.

Personal Purpose

We assist parents in assisting their student in discovering the subjects and topics that enthrall them. We also assist in connecting students to mentors and resources where they might engage and immerse themselves in these areas of development. Additionally, we help assemble markets, demonstrations, performances, and relevant other public get-togethers designed to give students a chance to display their developing abilities.


The community surrounding the Blackburn Manor is robust and resilient. Individually and collectively we are dedicated to bring to pass our mission of increased independence and sustainability. When you have needs, you can look to this community to help you solve your problems. If you ask him, Mortimer can help you connect to his community.

Awaken Wonder

Our entire environment is designed and committed to awakening and encouraging the curiosity and imagination of our visitors. By interacting with you in character in our carefully curated imaginative environment, we implicitly invite you to join us in our play.

By meeting with Mortimer or one of his representatives, we will get to know you and listen to find out what of these goals we might be able to help you with according to our means and resources.

Depending on what you ask of us, we will adjust our discussion and answer any questions you may have about what it is you seek.

Awakening wonder
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