Wizarding in the Wild West

The Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters is a safe house for dark creatures who have been rejected by their own kind. We provide a protective place for them to heal, get whole, and find themselves. We welcome those who might need a space to put down personal demons and to build their confidence.

Once a year, the boading house's many protective enchantments are laboriously lifted and trick-or-treaters are invited to tour the premises and get to know our most outgoing supernatural boarders; its under doctor's orders; last word is it is essential and beneficial to the growth of our charges to interact on at least a semi-regular basis with the public. Just don't know if they'll keep coming if we keep losing visitors. 

At least it's free, and no need to let us know you're coming;  besides, we already know! So just show up on one of the last three nights in October from dusk 'til around 9pm, and you'll be admitted on a first come, first serve order of arrival.

We also invite groups to participate in our original murder mystery dinner.

And we now once again offer overnight stays at the boarding house (if you can handle it) Our bunk house is listed on Airbnb as a shared space (like a hostel), and can hold up to a group of six. The listing is availability here.

We look forward to eating, err, meeting you!

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