The Blackburn Academy has a darker side.

Once a year, the school's protective enchantments are lifted and the non-magical locals are invited to tour the school and meet it's supernatural boarders.

Also, occasionally these boarders get up to some rather serious shenanigans, and one of the tenants doesn't make it out alive. In that event, we must enlist the help of the local wizarding law enforcement to sort it out.

Halloween 2018

Sign up to visit the fourth annual haunted boarding house at the Blackburn Academy.

Murder Mystery

Join a murder mystery, and help us discover who committed the ghastly deed!

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"Pretty rad date night at the haunted house at the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts. Perfect date or family Halloween activity close by in Springville. You will NOT be disappointed! Well worth the experience."

Sam Lee

Lindon, Utah

"Amazing decoration and cool rooms to see. Bring your friends!"

Will Pham

Provo, Utah

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