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Masters Mortimer and

 Benjamin Blackburn's


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We Teach Alchemy

Alchemy is the science of change for the better.

Our school is dedicated to helping all individuals reach their ultimate creative potential. We do this by first re-enthroning the stewardship of learning in the hands of the proper stakeholders. We then cultivate properly enrolled students’ healthy desires through the wise application of influence, knowledge, means, and opportunity.

Our structure can be distilled down to four areas or processes.


Facilitate Mindfulness

First, we encourage and facilitate positive, balanced mental health. We do this by teaching principles, including removal of coercion, restoring personal awareness of individual intrinsic value, and proper placement and role of stewardship. This process of helping individuals attain a sense of peace, safety, and understanding about the role of mindfulness is foundational in laying the groundwork for a healthy, robust, and resilient people.

Fuel the Fire

Next, we inspire curiosity and imagination. We do this by exposing students to influences that awaken feelings of play and wonder. These include immersive storytelling and trade immersion.

Connect to Means and Resources

Third, we connect inspired students to the adequate resources in order to assist them in engaging with the topic, subject, activity, or goal of their curiosity. We help stakeholders, whether student, parent, or mentor to find access to the necessary means in order to help the student cultivate their awakened interest as far as we can.

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Fueling the Fire
Connect to Means and Resources

In addition to asking us directly when you meet with us, we have established a private community online where you can inquire after resources as well as answer or offer means to others. It can be found here: Master Mortimer's Magical Marketplace

Facilitate Sharing

Enable Sharing

Fourth, we facilitate opportunities for students to apply the skills they are developing in relevant social, performative, or business contexts. We host a myriad of events and public gatherings where invested students have the freedom to share, sell, and get feedback from their unique audiences. These are primarily meant to be experienced in person, and will be listed as they come in the virtual community linked above.

Enroll In The School

Masters Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn's School for the Alchemical Arts is a unique out-of-the-box experience organized around the idea of harnessing individual student passions and purpose to fuel the direction, intensity, and destination of the educational process.

To enroll in our system, set an appointment to meet with Mortimer in person.

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