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The Hub at Hobble Creek

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Once upon a time, a peculiar pipe smoking top-hatted dandy set up his magical tent on the banks of a meandering waterway, originally called by the locals Hobble Creek.

This was the end of a long journey for him. It had begun in his homeland. He had gone over water, through desert, plain, and snow. He had experienced heartache, wonder, curiosity. He had passed through the golden woods of the eastern United States and over to the mountains to the west where he had finally found a place of rest. Having finally found this land of peace and isolation, he set about to raise his tent on the banks of this little creek. There was almost no one around; it was basically populated by a handful of families who were busying themselves with survival duties. But he had not a care in the world for the moment. 

The first year he was all alone. Well, not exactly. He had his brother Benjamin. But he was there under duress, so he sorta didn't count. So he was sort of alone. In his thoughts, at least. 


But that didn't matter exactly; in subsequent years, he would be joined by all sorts. What began as a place of temporary rest would eventually become an important symbol of the coming of magic to the West.

It took some time, but once they had determined to put down roots in this area, starting the boarding house, and school, the ever increasing visitors to the Blackburn Manor spread the news far and wide: An annual gathering of magical beings would congregate during the first full week in June.

What began as a few zombies, vampires, wizards and witches would later be followed by mermaids, dwarves, halflings and elves, fauns,  gypsies, and more. Even Kris Kringle himself would occasionally make an appearance, which, knowing his full story, would not surprise you, him having necessarily spent some considerable time in these parts.

And it being an annual magical gathering, would lead to some unusual consequences beyond just those who joined it. It was no surprise that this water way would eventually be called by Brigham Young as the source of the best water in Utah.

*   *   *


And once again that wizard is setting up his magical tent in the woods of Hobble Creek. This year continues the tradition of celebrating the coming of magic to the mountains of the West.

This year many of his friends are planning to join in on the festivities, and some may even be selling additional magical goods they’ve brought. An encampment will be set up across the river in the field. 

The Staff and the Stone pub will also be present and a place to socialize and help water the crowd, quenching the thirst awakened by the heat of a Utah summer.

Zombies, vampires, witches, mermaids, elves, hobbits, dwarves, gypsies, and pirates are all expected, along with their friends and families.

Come spend time at his fireside the first full weekend in the month of June.

 There is bound to be lots of eating, dancing and storytelling. He also has many of his magical goods on display.

Join Us

We hold multiple markets every year. So far, we have three scheduled. One is in June, one is in October, and the other is in December in Salt Lake.



We are holding a magical marketplace on June 8-11, 2022 during Art City Days in Springville Utah. That's Wednesday to Saturday. Its next to the Springville Library in Contractor Park, just over the bridge and in the woods and along the river.

The market is place of magical make-believe. It is also a community of professional players and product vendors. It is the hub of an interactive live action story telling group centered around the world of Wizarding in the Wild West.

There are performances, cosplayers, small stage shows, craft demonstrations, and live exotic animals. We sell beautiful, handmade magical merchandise, rich and wonderful original homemade and home-brewed food and drink out of the wizard pub, the Staff and the Stone. We build fires, roast marshmallows, engage in quests and host competitive campaigns, and just have an all around great time.

We also are open to new comers who desire to play and sell with us. Inquire at the Staff and the Stone pub.

The public is invited to attend, and costumes are encouraged emphatically. Entrance to the market is always free.



Every Halloween, the Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters is opened for visitors and tours. While you wait your turn, in the yard, we hold a marketplace for visitors to buy and sell.

Mark your calendars always for the last three days of the month: October 29, 30, and 31st at the Blackburn Manor.


Master Mortimer's Magical Mercantile and wizard pub anticipate setting up for the Salt Lake City Christkindlmarkt again this year at This is The Place Heritage Park from November 30 to December 3, 2022.


It is the most popular and exciting way to bring in the Christmas season, and it is located in Salt Lake City by the University of Utah and across the street from Hogle Zoo. It is held Wednesday through Saturday. Within the park, find us on the south side of Brigham's Donuts near the center of the market on the main street of the pioneer village.

The Christkindlmarkt is a place of magical make-believe. We love setting up there, and are honored to contribute and to soak up the feeling present in this market. We are so inspired by it, and love the chance to participate.

There are performances, cosplayers, small stage shows, and artisan demonstrations throughout the park, and sometimes live exotic animals. There is beautiful, handmade themed, old world, and magical merchandise for sale throughout the market.

In addition to our usual wizarding fare, we hope this year to be selling rich and wonderful original homemade and home-brewed food and drink out of the wizard pub, the Staff and the Stone.

We always have a fire, roast marshmallows and brats, and just love entertaining our visitors and have an all around great time.

The public is invited to attend, and costumes are encouraged emphatically. Entrance to the market is always free.

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