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About me

The Creator


Wizarding in the Wild West is the brainchild of Benjamin Roche, and it represents many of the ideas and wonderment that possessed him as a child. It is also made up of countless contributions of the many individuals who have believed in and added to the play and make-believe along the way.

The earliest coherent iteration began as an interactive haunted house where, among other things, it sought to improve on the time-worn American tradition of trick-or-treating by purposefully including those who were too old to dress up and ask for candy. But it quickly expanded far beyond its original premise as ideas were maintained and improved upon over the coming months and years; it would change and evolve considerably over time.

Not only would the wonderful fantastic spaces expand and connect and grow, but the story and characters who possessed and inhabited them would take on a life of their own.

His interests in the means and methods of learning would also come to play into his exploration of make-believe. It would even come to directly play into the fictional story itself.

The result of these efforts amounts to a school fueled by an ongoing live-action role-playing game. Further, the resulting experiences from this strange and unique dynamic are being harnessed, channeled and used as a source of inspiration to create a multi-season tv series based on the resultant fiction.

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