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Mortimer's Broom Closet


Mortimer had learned to make flying brooms pretty early on in his mercantile business. He had preferred to make them himself simply to save money, as he did not have much of a reputation then, and could keep much of the money that would otherwise be passed on to the maker.


He was taught in the Appalachian style technique which originated in the eastern mountain communities of the United States. He would later go on to put his own spin on the brooms he would make, gravitating to both household self-sweeping brooms, as well as those for transportation and flight. They would also take on his signature design and aesthetic, as well as three distinct sizes.

He would eventually invite other broommakers to join the market place, not being one to keep out compettion, community being more important to him than sales. He also saw utility in uniqueness of other makers, as well as a diversification of styles to meet the needs of the many buyers who would visit his market places.

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