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My Roles

Teacher and Mentor

I love people. One of the things that motivates and fulfills me more than almost anything is to cultivate individuals. Having found meaning and satisfaction and understanding and purpose on my own path, I want nothing more than to help others achieve the same thing. I do this through one-on-one mentoring where I provide advice, counsel, moral support, and mindfulness training for those who demonstrate a willingness to seek and act on the insight and help I offer. 

I have helped many, many individuals find more satisfaction, meaning, power, and autonomy in their lives, and I am always on the lookout to find more.

Artistic Collaborator

One of the ways I teach is by assisting clients with their artistic endeavors. Many of those who I coach are particularly gifted creatively, yet they so often struggle with aspects of their gifts which prevent them from rising to their fullest capacity.

And while I have experience working in a wide variety of mediums, that isn't even all that important because I have adequate and thorough understanding of the underlying dynamics of the creative process. As such, I have a capacity to discern and learn processes and techniques quickly, even when I may not have immediate experience in a particular field.

This allows me to provide invaluable collaborative support for my clients in whatever field they are working in while I help them to learn to sort and improve the particular processes that they might be struggling with.

Community Builder

Ever since I was an adolescent, I've wanted to build a Christmas town in the mountains. The initial idea sprang from a combination of the art on Christmas cookie tins and the ceramic table-top decorations of middle-class American families. It emerged from a desire to take care of my needs while making money as an artist. 


I tried a myriad of ways to fund and build it, but never could crack the code of how to get it to work sustainably without using an uncomfortable amount of centralized control.

Rather, as I have followed my deepest desires to cultivate individuals and help them with their art, the keys to overcoming this problem in building my community have been shown to me.

As I unselfishly and idealistically continue to carefully and wisely invest myself in the growth of those around me, opportunities for me to support myself have been forthcoming; my own artistic talents have been awakened and harnessed to a greater degree.

Further, the community surrounding me has naturally grown. As I keep cultivating and nurturing those around me, numbers of keen and mutually invested people around me continue to gather, and the level of appreciation, love, service, and friendship amongst us keeps increasing.


By focusing on the cultivation of others, a fascinating phenomenon is occurring: opportunities to develop my larger community are naturally emerging without centralized design or imposition.

As I invest and serve others with the singular goal of the growth of individuals, these participants inevitably turn and seek my good in the best way they know, but without expectation. As they see how devoted I am to them, they seek my good to the very best of their own ability and means.

Christ put it aptly when he said, "He who saves his life shall lose it, and he who loses his life shall find it." I believe he is telling us profound truth: that there are untapped fountains of power in voluntary collaboration informed by actors purified and possessed by truth and light. As we live the truths we know, adding to them as we understand, we come to a place where we can lean on one another and follow the guidance He promised to send us as we are given inspired and inspiring purpose with which we can magnify and fulfill our individual purposes.

In this way, I am building a community of likeminded, accountable, creative visionaries with the grounded ability and motivation to collaborate with me in helping others and themselves in their own unique individualized ways.

And while this may not initially appear as a Christmas town, it is becoming something better: each person is building their own ideal, and we are voluntarily helping each other achieve our deepest and keenest desires.

Translation: rather than simply a Christmas town, I see a network of places where artists and creatives work, live, grow, and support each other while collaborating in beautiful places in an ebb and flow, helping each other as we go to make a living doing what each of us loves.

Professionally  Play

The other thing that motivates me almost as much as serving and teaching others is playing. The world in its austerity insists on referring to me as an "Artist," but don't let that deceive you; what I do is professionally play.

The most important thing I actually do is wield a sword protecting my highest self from coercion in all of its forms, most often fear and doubt. This then provides me conditions wherein I am free to express all the resonant inspired voices in the world that might wish to manifest inside me.

Over time, I have had much experience channeling these voices, and they have expressed themselves in a wide variety of mediums. More importantly however is the need to always consider the best medium wherein they might be expressed. Even if I have no experience in it, I am confident in my ability to give them adequate expression, no matter the medium, and that I can learn to harness whatever form they would best be expressed in order to achieve the most good possible.

Most of these mediums converge on the world of Wizarding in the Wild West. My efforts include spacial design, writing of stories, event planning, and a tv series. You can learn more about these efforts by navigating this website. You may also check out our instagram page here.

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