Wizarding in the Wild West

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About Us

The Blackburn Brothers and Wizarding in the Wild West is the brainchild of Benjamin Leo Lee-Roche. In the beginning, he built it out of a desire to express a subconscious yearning to fulfill an untapped creativity inside himself. What started as an elaborate, interactive haunted experience at Halloween soon developed into a traveling shop and magic school. 

Taking influence from a variety of popular fantasy sources, this entity is a reflection of what can happens when one couples foundational truth with an uninhibited imagination. While it began as distantly related concepts, the pieces would eventually merge into a large, consistent integrated story.

The most recent development in the ongoing evolution of the business is the development of an 18 season tv/streaming series based on the events and characters of the story.

The purpose behind the business is three fold: to serve as a visual aid in teaching creativity, to house the various projects and venues necessitated by that process, and to continue in to providing to its owner an essential outlet for his own imagination.