Wizarding in the Wild West

About Us

The Founder

The Blackburn Brothers and Wizarding in the Wild West is the brainchild of Benjamin Roche. It originated out of collaborations with friends, his commitment to high ideals, and a return to the dreams of his childhood. He is the primary architect and writer behind the story, but loves to include and incorporate the contributions of others as it respects, builds upon, and captures the overarching purpose he has set out to achieve.

He is the primary designer behind the spaces, events, stories, books, and films, and he is also the major manufacturer of the products that are made and sold onsite and online.  

Benjamin is also the lead and head mentor of the Thirdofeight Institute, an exceptional new self improvement discipline meant to help individual development and further cultivate and support a culture of fantasy storytelling.

He currently lives and works out of his home in Springville, Utah.


Our Guiding Purpose

We at Wizarding in the Wild West are the weavers and tellers of story, and want you to participate!

While we know well enough the importance to distinguish between fantasy and reality, we are also aware that our bodies and emotions don't actually know the difference; we give people a chance to believe for just a moment, that the places and characters in our minds are real, and that there is a power beyond us all drawing us to the good. By fostering the joy of a child, we hope to bring some happiness and meaning to our visitors, and encourage everyone to embrace that more fully in their lives.

We make movies, host immersive live-action events, and create and sell products for those films and gatherings that are as real and as the witches and wizards who might come to buy them.

We also provide the opportunity for the public to get more involved. You can broadly improve your own story telling abilities, actually learn to make products, and even perform as a character of your own invention during our events.

The philosophy that guides this endeavor is this: while learning to work together with others is essential, it is equally imperative to tap a singular vision to guide collaboration; recognizing and embracing one's unique personal stewardship allows for each individual to reach his own potential, and to better appreciate the contributions of others.

Accountability and self-reliance are key. Essentially, when no one else is available or willing to help, you gotta find a way to do it yourself. This also applies to the degree of your involvement. 


And while the degree to which you engage and participate is a function of both us and you, if you ask, we likely will want to help you achieve what you desire more than you know. So don't be afraid to ask!

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