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Wallace, Idaho

One of the first locations the Blackburn brothers would establish a presence in up in the northern countries of western America was what would come to be known as the "Silver Capital of the World," or Wallace, Idaho. Begun as a place for miners to house, whore, and drink, it was a wild and rambunctious town far beyond the borders of good company on the fringes of what would come to be known as the "Wild West."

And it was also for its proximity to mining that Mortimer Blackburn opened a safe house for the workers he had hired and commissioned to work his own unique mines of the area.

His drive to explore the ins and outs of alchemy had led to his involvement in a number of mining operations in connection with a handful of stewards who, after getting to know his intentions, had bequeathed those stores of ore to the wizard and his larger efforts.


Then the zombies and dark creatures arrived. By then, the dwarves had begun to establish more comfortable quarters in the caverns they had been digging. These holes became an essential hiding place when in 1910, a vast cursed fire swept through the area, destroying the magical home. But the preparations of the dwarves became a bastion of hope to all who found protection within their dark dungeons.

But soon after the ashes and smoke subsided, they began to build again. Only this time, they were even more careful to provide adequate means of protection, isolation, and concealment for those magical beings who came to stay in this area.

A market was even established by the recently emigrated wizarding community, who had always been accustomed to such places in their homelands.


It was in these circumstances that he would set up a house, much like that which would be build in the south, only this was inhabited by a particularly rougher section of magical society. It would first be inhabited by dwarves, and then Kris Kringle would come, followed by his helpers.


In time, this northern community would house many dwarves, but even more creatures and peoples from abroad as the inevitable events of the twentieth century came to bear on the world at large. The brothers could hardly house them all in Springville, and the trees and mountains of the north provided ample places for even the largest of magical creatures to shelter within its shadow. The magical creatures of both Europe and Asia would come to be as comfortable in these mountains as they ever were at home.


But in the beginning, it was simply a safe house for those who had agreed to work on his behalf to explore the vast stores and dig in the caverns of the north in order to help provide the necessary means whereby Mortimer would further the ends he was only beginning to understand in alchemy.

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