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Victor Valiente

Victor Miguel Enrique Zorbingo Valiente was born April 5th, 1825 to Miguel Enrique Valiente and Rosa Persephone Zorbingo. He was the third child of seven, and the only boy. He was a native mexican, and very inventive. He was especially interested in things like wheels and guns. 


But when he entered the story of the Blackburn Brothers, he was already a zombie. 


But our interest in Victor's story goes back to just before he died. He had been working on his tequila still when it exploded, killing him dead. His family mourned over his body for days, but that was that. It was almost a month later when he was awakened. A well known bruja negra had been enlisted by the Mexican government to reanimate and create a horde of zombies to fight against the Americans in the Mexican-American War.


This would have been ok in theory, but for the fact that he was enlisted and awakened against his will. Independence and accountability had always been a strong thing his parents had ingrained in him, and even death could not convince him otherwise.


But serendipitously, it was in the midst of the war that Victor found his freedom; on the battlefield he got a hole blown through his chest. And since the spell was woven into a connection with the organ of his heart, he was miraculously freed from the spell.


As soon as he had the first chance, he made a run for it, escaping by jumping into the Rio Grande River. From there Victor made his way to the nearest undertaker, where he got help filling up his body cavity with stuffing and sewing up his wounds.


For the next decade, he wandered the hills and valleys in search of any information he could find about his abusers so that he could do what he could to stop them. Once this adventure was complete, Victor made his way east. It was there that he learned of more oppression from little dictators in small towns. It was at this point that he realized his life's (or death's) calling.


In time, he'd come to learn that one of his distant cousins had by chance also become a zombie, and after corresponding with him, decide to go see him. He lived in northern Mexican territory in a boarding house for creatures like Victor.

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