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The first vampire to come to the Blackburn Boarding House was Stanislaus Diavol and he was a peculiar sort. The most strange thing about him was that he did not drink blood. Or at least, he did not drink the blood of living humans. He had come to this conclusion as a result of a deep sense of moral obligation surrounding cruelty and coercion towards other creatures. He had such a strong aversion to anything of that nature, and he associated blood with it so much that at one time he refused to drink blood complete. This of course had led him to some dire health complications, at least for a vampire, and it was only after being nursed back to health by a kind mortician that he was able to find his wits again. This mortician was heaven sent though, and suggested what would become the ultimate solution to his dilemma. It was not actually blood that was the problem, but the means whereby the blood was got that he had moral issues with. If he could obtain this through means that did not hurt or injure anyone, he was actually okay with drinking it. His life (or death) basically depended on it, and the mortician willingly offered to help him.

It was only after this mortician himself passed away that Stanislaus came west in search of the boarding house; he had heard about it through back alley conversations, and determined to start afresh. He had made too many enemies, and had regretted having put his mortician friend in a position of being ostracized by the community, so when he died unexpectedly, Stan decided to see the writing on the wall and to move far, far away. Perhaps he could find a new start in the west. And if there was a community that might accept dark creatures such as himself, then it was worth moving half way across the world to join them. It was in 1954 that he first met Mortimer and Benjamin, and he was a shoe-in from the start. A model citizen. In fact, he was the one the brothers relied on the most when things went awry amongst the current boarders. They knew he could be trusted.

In time, he would make a name for himself as a teacher in the brother's academy.

He would eventually move north with the majority of the macabre creatures and set up a home on a hill, quite close to where Kris Kringle and his family would start their first major city before moving even further north.

And it would be through the instrumentality of Stanislaus that other vampires would begin to visit the Blackburns. As they would join Stan's cause, they would be ostracized by their kind, and then would find their way to one branch of the Blackburn's network or another.

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