Wizarding in the Wild West

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Unpublished Tales
Table of Contents
  1. The Trail of Alchemy

  2. Metallurgy: Building the Ring of Power

  3. The First Halloween

  4. The Brothers' First Christmas 

  5. The Capture of Benjamin Blackburn

  6. Language: The Master Spell

  7. Irish Whiskey

  8. Relics the Brothers Encounter in their Adventures

  9. The Ghost of Benjamin Blackburn

  10. Benjamin Blackburn and Madeline Mym

  11. Madam Magdalena and Sorcerer Anders

  12. The Starcrossed Mummy of Amnotep

  13. The Letters and Correspondence of Sorceress Stokes

  14. The Talk with the Sorceress Sweets

  15. Various Friends and Acquaintences of the Blackburns

The Trail of Alchemy

Everything is hinted, said, and then discovered. Three times each thing comes up in the narrative.


Magic comes into their lives for the first time. They learn of their special abilities and look forward to going to school in an old castle.

We establish early on that magic is real, that its includes a whole host of species under one umbrella, and that there's a name for them: the Shee.  We also learn incidentally but giving no attention to it that there is something more powerful than the shee (the jinn). We also learn that there are mediocre species that have no magic.


The brothers are told by their aunt of the myth of their people, and where they came from.


In their youth, they are told the legend of Atlantis and of the three magical peoples, and how one fled, one was taken away, and one was lost, and one fled. (foreshadowing the identity of the three peoples, the place and what will happen with bringing them together)

They also learn the story of the Great Alchemist who forges a ring in great heat and wields it in gaining great knowledge and part of that knowledge is how to bring back the dead. These are foreshadows for the audience and examples for the brothers to remember as they reencounter the ideas at the root of these myths of their culture.

The Legend of Atlantis and the Three Magical Peoples.

In their youth, they are told the story of Atlantis and of the three lost magical peoples.

In order to raise Atlantis from the depths, the three magical peoples need to unite together and dispossess the djinn of their dominion and bind them. The lost peoples must be found and unite; only will the gifts of each people be fully manifest through the reliance on each other.

Story of the Great Alchemist.

The one who learned to change himself; symbolized in the Phoenix or Lion. He transformed himself into gold, and in so doing, showed the way for others. He was the embodiment of all three peoples. They must be united once more at the end, restored to, just like in the beginning.

Mortimer also hears from his aunt the story of a Great Lion slain on a stone table by a wicked witch.

The Blackburn family clurichaun shows up in their cellar.


Their father bequeathed a brass ring to one of his sons with the pentacle family crest. They don't know where it comes from, but that it is an old family heirloom.

The existence and recent origins family centered, non-magical origins of the ring.


At school, the brothers learn in an obscure book the history of the Shee confirming the story told to the brothers in a fable as youth, now at school how the shee had fled and first hidden in the hills, and then spread throughout Europe and Asia. They assume that they are of the shee, and that the identity of the other two peoples is not known. They do not realize who they are or the significance. Reiterating to them consciously what needs to be done, that these people will some day reunite and help one another, and defeat their enemies and tie them up for a thousand years.

Mortimer first deduces for the first time the idea of going back to their roots and how they could learn who they are and the special knowledge of their peoples.


Mortimer and his father get kidnapped by pirates in the Barbary Wars. Mortimer gets taken and saved by an Alchemist. 


Mortimer is first exposed to alchemy at age 16 in Africa. Alchemy is where he learns of the idea of transformation as taught through alchemical practice. We automatically assume this means its a magical process for wizards, not necessarily something for everyone.



The brother's father inducts them as masons into the lodge. This reawakens a part of the brothers that connects them to their unmagical heritage, and reminds them of the coincidence of the pentacle connection. It brings to the audience's attention to question the origins of the ring; draw attention to the ring and remind us of its non-magical connection. 

After returning home from Africa, his dad decides its time to induct Mortimer and Benjamin into Masonry. In Masonry, they see the symbols that represent transformation, but he doesn't recognize them for what they are exactly. He sees the symbols and forms without the profound meaning, and recognizes the elements that he'd learned in regards to Alchemy. We assume it means Masonry is a lost art from wizards that is now promoted by non-magicals. Allusion to a time when these things were known beyond the world of magic.

This also provides a later cultural connection with Joseph Smith when we are told that Masonry has come to Nauvoo.


In Egypt they find glimpses of the lost knowledge in pictures and fragments, but with no context, they can't piece it together. 

Another time where we see that the ideas in alchemy could be outside magic; or we think it could mean that magic was in Egypt. We find out that it wasn't though.


Mortimer recognizes in Joseph Smith the power of the jann. Something beyond his own magic is reflected in Joseph Smith


The Gods of Greece have corrupted ideas of it, but no credibility is given to them because they are so irresponsible and gross.

Mortimer returns with regularity to West Africa to learn from the alchemist


The dedication of the Kirtland Temple and the sacrifice the saints put into building it.

Joseph explains to Mortimer the purpose that temples serve. This provides them with the background and knowledge that comes into play with the elves in ireland; their temples. To teach and prepare recipients with higher knowledge.

Teaching of those truths in plainness; worship of them without recognizing exactly what they mean or knowing how to apply them.

The idea of preparation and fulfillment demonstrated through the visual aid of the Kirtland Temple and its dedication

The Kirtland Temple is preparation. This follows a pattern that exists through out; preparation and fulfillment.

Music is discovered as a secret magical language; the history and function of language, it being blessed and using irish as a magical language allows the brothers to use their unique culture to channel spells that others wouldn't understand.


The brothers get acquainted with the Kabbalah through Alexander Neibaur and Joseph Smith in the late 1830's. This reintroduces the idea of transformation ; a more explained understanding of what the transformation is and how it works and what it means in connection with the religious understanding and belief. The idea that these ideas are cross-peoples is rooted.

Joseph Smith tells them of the history of the ring and of the spiritual meaning of the pentacle: that it represents the intrinsic power of God, and embodies the principles at the root of the power that God wields.

The Brothers access to the knowledge of the Masonic lodge provides a background to recognize the ideas connecting the disparate truths to each other and providing a consistent narrative spine to the ideas that come together with the temple of the Shee in Ireland (the fractal), the Egyptian Pyramid, the fire of the Zoroastrians, the djinn of Arabia, the prophetic arch of Merlin the prophet or alchemist, the fractals of Mandelbrot, the unifying theory of Einstein, the preparation and fulfillment duality of Joseph Smith.

Mortimer learns of ring making and the use of alchemy. He trains in metallurgy and amalgamations; instilling his intent into the metals.


Mortimer returns with regularity to West Africa to learn from the alchemist. We see more ideas that he teaches him that provide us further understanding. It is still esoteric and cloaked, but he keeps learning and trying. Only when the alchemist dies does he disclose that there is more out there, and to seek for the reuniting of these peoples, and the protecting against the growing darkness that soon will descend. He knows who Mortimer is, and admonishes him to finish his role. To find his role and to embrace it.


The process of alchemy gets Mortimer interested in mining; he establishes connections in the north and serendipitously makes friends of a dwarf. He consults him and brings him north with him.


Nauvoo temple is built; the Kirkland temple was a preparatory temple, now there is a fulfilling purpose the new one will provide. Mortimer guesses what will be taught there because of his previous experience with the Elves in Ireland.

We recognize by this time that the djinn are a formidable host, and we assume the wizards are here to save the day of everyone else. But they fail. It is here in Zoroastrianism in Arabic ness that we learn of just who the djinn are; we learn from an old arab and of the history that is passed down. The story of the ring of Solomon leads them to believe that is how they control the jinn. Mortimer initiates into ring making.



Confrontations with Jinn happen that make them begin to doubt the ring hypothesis. Reliance on friends and collaboration allow them to save to day.


It is through Merlin the human Sage that they learn to go to the place of their inheritance to find their purpose. He has a power that is not magic, but is a different, deeper knowledge from experience. He has no authority, but he has imagination and knowledge, and offers them his insights as a gift without undermining or telling them what they must do, only sage advice.


Brothers go to India and there encounter the Zoroastrians and learn of the djinn and see the connection of this ancient myth to the stories of the other systems. They receive a clear understanding of who the djinn are.


On an exploration for a concoction from a minor witch, they go exploring/wandering to the historic origins of wizards to Ireland: the faerie mounds. Their cross-specialty knowledge give them unique insights to discover the remnant sidhe Elves.  They don't know what they might find; they are only there incidentally, but decide to wander and explore for fun, for the kicks of it.


Sidhe elves and the Knowledge of How to Find Joy

From the elves we learn how various species of shee had kept the old ways and passed them down, and were only open to those with pure intent to wish to understand. 

It is among the Sidhe in the faerie mounds of Ireland that Mortimer and Benjamin discover the lost knowledge of the Sidhe, and connecting this knowledge to the purpose of their existence, that they can be reincarnated, and that they live a life before... and that those stories that resonate are likely telling them that it was part of the life they lived previously. And that in order to be able to die and move on, that they must fulfill the purpose for which they were sent. He learns about the possibility of reincarnation of the sidhe and that they had had other lives. What is the key to moving on? By fulfilling ones purpose. How do you know you've fulfilled your purpose? Who knows.


Mortimer and Benjamin and the Elven Temple in Ireland

Elves teach them the higher knowledge. The connection with Joseph in that they have temples too. That knowledge is provided anew from the keepers of the lore in the Shee of Ireland, who show them it afresh. There are familiar symbols he's seen in Masonry and Alchemy. Suggesting there is a universal constant that they are encountering.

Memories of the earlier ring of power and its collapse; pictures and memories of the old saga. Hint of the futility of using force to build the ring of power that is the key to building atlantis.

Recognition that they need to integrate the school and not be racist; that the three types of people could benefit from this union?

Mortimer gets introduced  unexpectedly to the gods of norse mythology and become acquainted with them in the midst of a drunken party.

Norse gods are akin to the Greek gods- they are flawed sidhe who have interacted with men

understanding the djinn the djinn have influenced the sidhe and convinced many to worship them through the placeholder sidhe

coercion is what separates djinn and djann

the fruits of their teaching are the evidence of their real power and who they serve

The Ring of Solomon fails at keeping the djinn from overcoming them. He struggles to learn the necessary lessons, but he's the fastest student to learn fire. 

Realization that mankind is the lost people; need to teach them alchemy.


Mortimer begins to formulate the idea of the Alchemical Arts School.

Alchemy becomes the ultimate expression of the deepest truths. The idea of transformation, of preparation and fulfillment, of the idea of the four stages of the individual that must align to bring health. Of the ultimate ability to become creators from the Kaballah.

 They see these ideas and principles in other places that align the ideas of the three peoples, and that indicate the truths, providing additional insight and nuance as each people and manifestation maintains or holds on to certain strong truths which they have gleaned from exposure or participation. They initiate a school to perpetuate these ideas.


Mortimer finally applies and experiments with teaching his adopted niece Mercury who is non magical.


They gather the three peoples in the towns in the mountains and protect them from the Djinn, who attempt to infiltrate and destroy them. They do not succeed.

Metallurgy: Building the Ring of Power

The red-coated wizard with a grievous wound tries to convince Benjamin of his superior knowledge, but his brother Mortimer won't have it. He is possessed by subtle twin djinns. He has a witch wife who reads tarot cards and tells the future. Future telling is strictly limited at the School of Alchemical Arts to seeing ones own future, not reading that of another, which is how they get discovered, found, and cast out. The first clue is how he channels fear and Benjamin is triggered and channels back at him a dark spirit. Mortimer notices, tries to push back, and it explodes. They have to process it, having been traumatized, but it teaches them to be accountable for their own participation and taking responsibility to fix their mistakes. They make adjustments to their process in how they admit people into their company.


Suggested by the story of Joseph and Charis Ramirez, John C. Bennett, and Joseph Smith.

Shasta Circusian

Nikra the woman infected by spider venom; weaving her webs, injecting poison and fear. Not taking accountability for what she initiates; her confirmation bias leads her to impose herself on others with her gifts; this is also how the brothers root her out and see her to the door.

Cadwin O'Connor

Josh shows up and he shows his water bending skills. He keeps splashing Benjamin in the face, and he gets irritated by it. But they work together. He fights with Benjamin in a few confrontations. Benjamin learns useful insights from him for a future relationship on the horizon. 


His resentment leads to him leaving, and them not seeking his assistance any longer. They reach out to him occasionally, but he doesn't respond.

Benjamin attempts to use the family heirloom, thinking it is the fabled ring of Solomon, and gets possessed of a djinn that takes months to remove.

Mortimer and Benjamin attempt to make a ring of power by incorporating others into their circle, but they make mistakes, not foreseeing the problems that each person brings, and would poison the flow of energy if left uncorrected. Eventually they realized and accept that they'll have to teach students from the beginning to eventually to join the circle; it takes longer, but its better and more lasting, and lays a stronger foundation going forward than what seems a get-rich quick approach. Suggesting the saying, "Easy come, easy go."

The students and teacher slowly learn to lean on each other, love and collaborate with each other, creating the real ring of power. This is the beginning and foundation of the Building of New Avalon.

So many people possessed by one djinn or another, always hanging up on fear, or self hate. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will come and stay. But for the record, there's Barry, and Rob

The First Halloween

They had celebrated Samhain for a long time as a time of remembering their ancestors and culture.

Headless horseman, banshee, selkies. Jack-o-lantern

The Brothers' First Christmas

Christmas really took on an identity with the work of Kris Kringle. They had already regularly been celebrating Yule, but it was the English Aristocracy that introduced the tradition of trees in the house, which they picked up. Electric lights came later.

Krampus had already had a presence in their lives by then.

Weaving in the tradition of Ghost stories at Christmas

Connection to Charles Dickens; Poe.

From Mortimer's travels; he learns about the upside down tree hanging

The Capture of Benjamin Blackburn

In his travels, Mortimer gets discovered and mistaken for his brother, and he has to navigate the situation; his friends come to his aid, and he doesn't have to use a single spell to escape from captivity.

They switch places; Mortimer shows his darker side, and Benjamin feigns a smile.

Resolution of the bounty hunter.

Language: The Master Spell

One of the unusual byproducts to come of the revelations had by the brothers regarding alchemy and all its implications was the realization that magic had no single manifestation via a solitary linguistic root. In other words, latin and english were hardly the beginning nor the end of all the magical potential had within the world of words. In fact, as established in the realm of African magic, words weren't even necessary when conjuring a spell, though they had an impressive influence when done correctly. 

But they weren't the only, nor the most effective means at the disposal of wizards or sidhe. As long as the methods were prepared and practiced, any concerted form of communication could be channelled as a medium of magic. And so it was that music became a rather subtle and secret means of magic for the Blackburn Brothers.

In fact, an entire language might be jinxed to carry magic, though individual spells within that language would also have to be distinguished and discovered one at a time.

Irish Whiskey

Over the years, Mortimer becomes the supplier of the best irish whiskey on this side of the Atlantic. He shows up in all sorts of places and establishments, always being careful to make friends. One of the more famous places he supplied was the bar in Tombstone, Arizona.

These channels or avenues become pivotal in the future, as they become the means whereby he secretly imports the fleeing  Hsidhe under the nose of the magical authorities. He becomes an outlaw on par with his brother once they realize what he's been doing, but they can never catch him because he's so crafty: he looked outside the magical world in order to accomplish his objectives.

We see Professor River Song taking lessons from Doc Holladay. She seeks them out to learn all she knows about guns and fighting.

and Dodge City, KS.  

Mortimer makes a point to have friends and then they protect him without him having to use magic.

We see the Tardis in the distance.

Relics the Brothers Encounter on Their Adventures

A sarcophagus with a mummy that lives in their basement. The Pandorica

Pandora's box has the curse most feared by the djinn and their enemies:

Used to put on the annual program in the wizarding jail... against their will.

Aztec gold. Retrieved from a cave down by Tortuga that nobody wants to touch. Sell as snake oil medicine for weight loss to zombies. It suppresses appetite.

The brothers also store old horcrux containers, not so much for their previous purpose, but to demonstrate the principle of possession, and how its not what it is, but the purpose of its use that matters. And new purposes can be associated with old objects if the original purpose is recognized for what it is and cast out.

The Boundaries of the Blackburn Bros.

The red-coated wizard with a grievous wound tries to convince Benjamin of his superior knowledge, but his brother Mortimer won't have it. He is possessed by subtle twin djinns. He has a witch wife who reads tarot cards and tells the future. Future telling is strictly limited at the School of Alchemical Arts to seeing ones own future, not reading that of another, which is how they get discovered, found, and cast out. The first clue is how he channels fear and Benjamin is triggered and channels back at him a dark spirit. Mortimer notices, tries to push back, and it explodes. They have to process it, having been traumatized, but it teaches them to be accountable for their own participation and taking responsibility to fix their mistakes. They make adjustments to their process in how they admit people into their company.

Shasta Circusian

Nikra the woman infected by spider venom; weaving her webs, injecting poison and fear. Not taking accountability for what she initiates; her confirmation bias leads her to impose herself on others with her gifts; this is also how the brothers root her out and see her to the door.

Cadwin O'Connor

Josh shows up and he shows his water bending skills. He keeps splashing Benjamin in the face, and he gets irritated by it. But they work together. He fights with Benjamin in a few confrontations. Benjamin learns useful insights from him for a future relationship on the horizon. 


His resentment leads to him leaving, and them not seeking his assistance any longer. They reach out to him occasionally, but he doesn't respond.

The Ghost of Benjamin Blackburn

While dating Madeleine Mym, a ghost begins haunting the cottage of Madeleine Mym, who lives down the street from the Blackburns. She is an apothecary witch with a cottage down the street and around the corner from the brothers. 

Mim initially gets insight from her fellow witches that the ghost is feminine, and that it is jealous of her. Benjamin hears this, and recognizes it might have something to do with him, but he doesn't say anything.

In the meantime, Mim's father is ushered in, who is a local grand wizard, known for driving supernatural presences out of places. He does so, but the ghost persists.

Mim, who has many many interested suitors, entertains one who is a ghost hunter, and invites Benjamin to help her get the suitor to leave her alone. During the session when he is calling on the ghost, some strange things happen that cause Benjamin to come to the conclusion that the ghost is definitely connected to him.

That night Benjamin cannot sleep, being driven mad with the recognition of the fears he is retaining and hesitating to reveal to Mim. He finally acknowledges what he must do, and he sets about to tell Mim the next morning. 

The ghost departs and never troubles her again.

But another ghost haunts her, this time a male. The male has been with her for a very long time, but doesn't always find her.

Benjamin Blackburn and Madeline Mym

A local apothecary witch who watched the brothers build their business over the years first meets Benjamin as he's building the metal fence around the graveyard. She sees him from a distance, but doesn't come and introduce herself. 


Some time later, she engages her feminine wiles with his brother, Mortimer, but he sees right through her. He befriends her, but keeps her at a distance.

Her proximity to Mortimer then allows her to get to know Benjamin, who then engages with the beautiful woman. He falls head over heels in love with her, and seeks to marry her. They begin spending lots of time together, and even occasionally sleep together wrapped in each others arms. Their love is unique, dark, and beautiful. Her demons do occasionally get the best of her, and she goes dark for days at a time. These periods rack Benjamin with doubts, but he holds on and overcomes barely each time.

And the last time the darkness falls on her, it comes gradually. Benjamin is so in love though, and tries to be patient. But before he has a chance to pop the question, she disappears unceremoniously during a full moon feast thrown at the Blackburn Manor. An old lover of Madeleine comes to the feast and the distance he'd been sensing explodes into full estrangement as she shows affection to this stranger inside and outside the home of the brothers. Benjamin is in shock, but talks himself through it. They had spoken beforehand, so he trust her as she leaves with this stranger. She messages him the next morning as if all is okay, but when he delivers her goods to her home, the coach of the stranger is at her cottage. He is overcome with confusion and shock as he flees the scene once he dropped off the goods.


Days pass, and he doesn't hear a single thing from her. Eventually his demons convince him that she has betrayed him. Benjamin is grief stricken and heart broken. He goes through all the mourning processes, denial, trust, anxiety, and then getting angry and vindictive, then giving it up, backing off, feeling a desire for her to find herself.

She is never heard from again until one day, before they know it, a child is left on the porch of the boarding house abandoned. A note indicates coldly and unceremoniously that this is the daughter of Benjamin, but gives no acknowledgement of the mother or the state of the relationship Assuming the worst, but not being able to confirm this, the brothers take responsibility to raise her anyway.


It is a little girl, and they name her Mercury.


We learn in time through the stories Benjamin tells Mercury that she is the great great great great great grand daughter of the well known witch who fought and lost an infamous duel with Meryln of old. Her mother was embarrassed by her namesake, and changed the spelling  so as to not disclose her ancestry.


Her mother had inherited the gorgeous looks and had the steely cold power not unlike that of Morticia Addams. But as evil as her great great great great great grandmother was, her mother had had an inspiring, idealism and epic ambition to achieve and yearned to share a bruised but otherwise tender soul with others. Though she did not always show it, she was particularly susceptible to possession by darkness due to her family line, and because of some abuse she had been dealt in previous relationships. She already had four children from three men, which she raised and loved as a committed and unselfish parent. Why she would dispose of her own daughter was anybody's guess.

We learn later that Mim had been possessed of a djinn who called her back who was connected to the stranger, and she is under seige to it because it owns her.

The way she frees herself of the djinn is by overcoming fear and repairing the holes in her heart where the djinn enters and takes control of her. She desires to be free of it, but didn't know how.

We never see this in the story, but it's Benjamin's patience and trust in the Great Alchemist allows him to overcome his own demons who tell him falsely that she is motivated by selfishness and evil. He must ultimately be able to ignore his own ghost long enough so that he can be there for her when she eventually returns, having been freed from the malice that followed her.

Madam Magdalena and Sorcerer Anders

In the midst of these troubles, a bubbly but subdued witch shows up and befriends a sullen and depressed Benjamin Blackburn. She senses his sadness after the rejection by his lover, and she goes about trying to inspire and encourage him. She has a sort of sisterly glow about her, and a remarkable, encouraging kindness and empathy that lightens his burden. They talk and become friends, and it brings him for a while out of his fog.

During the earliest period of development of the Magical Mercantile, an experienced quirky wizard with two magical children shows up to shop at the mercantile and hit it off with Mortimer. They talk business and he offers all sorts of collaborative help to encourage and help Mortimer grow his business. They become friends, and it lifts Mortimer's spirits to have a new friend to encourage him; doing it alone for a while has taken its toll, and he needs people to provide him perspective, and he doesn't mind the validation for his initial idea.

The Star-Crossed Mummy of Amnotep

While in Egypt, Mortimer comes across an unusual mummy. He has gotten access to social media when one of the tourists left a smart phone in his tomb, and he has been listening to motivational speakers. It has awakened something within him, and he has goals and ideas that he wants to affect change with in the world. Mortimer agrees to take him secretly to the school in Utah where he can help him better.  They must affect a plan to smuggle him out of Egypt and overseas. Its a Mission Impossible style heist to get him through the muggle authorities, but they meet with success by dressing him up as a diseased but slender Southern woman with exaggerated features a la Bugs Bunny style.

the Letters and Correspondence of Sorceress Stokes

The brothers for the longest time have this witch who corresponds with both of them and that gives them encouragement and pick-me-up, but we never see her. We just see them receiving correspondence from her, and the effect it has on their countenances. It only comes occasionally, but it has an optimistic, hopeful influence on both of them when it comes. 

She meets them while in the British Isles, but keeps in contact with them wherever they are. She is a believer in their abilities, and moreover in their ability to affect positive, uplifting change on the world. They tell her their ambitions and she listens, and encourages them. She tells them that they can do it, and has this thing cross her face that indicates to her that she ought to keep in touch with them, no matter what.

Over the years, she gets married offscreen, but she is faithful in communicating with them and keeping track of them both. She becomes a consistent off-screen influence that we don't see for many seasons, but are always wondering who she is and what she looks like.

the Talk with the Sorceress Sweets

A kindly witch comes upon the brothers in their early days and gives them some wisened encouragement. She's not in their lives a long time, but has an affecting influence in her words. She is strong, but subtle, intense but kind, sweet, yet somber, has thick glasses, but long sight. She helps them accept the roles they have chosen for themselves, and influences them in the resolution to affect that change they seek to become. She sees inside them and recognizes their souls for what they are, and gives them the kind of acknowledgement that fosters encouragement and hope in a youth. It has a magical effect on them.

Various Friends and Acquaintences of the Blackburns

The brothers make a friend in the shape of a witch who is ambitious, but never fully reaches her potential due to the world being against her in so many ways. She is outgoing and hopelessly optimistic, but

There's Madam Mel, the witch who introduced Mortimer to Kris Kringle. She also cooresponds with Mortimer specifically, and comes and goes in the story to encourage, collaborate, and affect change and help in Mortimer's plans, specifically with the school as it comes into being.

One of Benjamin's instructors is a stern and intense music instructor, Mr. Musica. He had a counterpart, Madam Mahoney, who was much more tender and kind, but she encouraged the students to learn from Mr. Musica all they could.

A Wizard's Pipe

The pipe of Mortimer ends up being left and given to Frosty the Snowman by kids, and it brings him to life.