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Teresa Twelvepott


"She was the best, most reliable deputy sheriff seen this side of the Mississippi."


Or so they say.


She was also a very talented apothecary witch known for all sorts of bath salts, soaps, scents, and salves. She had roots in Native America and knowledge of medicines from all sorts of experience. She was a successful business witch, and a protector of the innocent and vulnerable. She became friends with the Blackburns, despite or because of their affection and care for the macabre creatures that frequented their boarding house. She could tell the difference between macabre and evil, and she learned she could trust the brothers knew the difference as well. 

Her role in solving of the murder of 1898 that happened at the Blackburn's boarding house was only one of many escapades and professional responsibilities she would fulfill in her role as deputy of the wizarding community of Utah Valley.

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