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The Corruption of Steam City

The city of Steam was a vibrant bastion of ingenuity and genius. It lasted for generations until it was overtaken by djinn, who tempted and possessed its inhabitants, and the good had to flee. The good folks of the city held out for the longest time, but eventually had to seek for places of refuge.

They came to the Northern Kingdom for safety. They were a place of unseen magic; manifest through the inventions and brilliance seen through the machines and gadgets made and held up as the pinnacle of their world. Insight and creativity long was lauded as the end they they were seeking for, but ego crept in and turned the hearts toward the pursuit of selfish interest.


It was initially found by Mortimer. Access to the city came as a result of an experiment and demonstration during the Paris World's Faire.

The founding of Steam city came about when an insightful group of artists fled from the control and pollution of Victorian London. 

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