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Relics of the Blackburn Manor

A sarcophagus with a mummy that lives in their basement was brought there by Mortimer after he came across him in Egypt. The mummy expressed a desire to come to America, and Mortimer, who was a sucker for ambition and optimism, relented.

Pandora's box is a cursed object most feared by the djinn and their enemies. It is a cursed music box they have was once used regularly to put on the annual program in the wizarding jail... against their will. While it was open, it would cause anyone within earshot to speak in song and dance to the music.

Aztec gold was recovered from a cave down by Tortuga. The brothers had it on good authority that nobody living wants to touch it. It becomes a reliable source of currency for zombies, who are unaffected by its curse.

There is a broken TV that had been possessed of a djinn in the nineties. It was destroyed and brought here as a reminder of exactly what the djinn are capable of.

A shell necklace was brought to the brothers by the Mermaid Alaria's niece who had had her voice imprisoned by an evil resentful witch.

The brothers also store other old horcrux containers, not so much for their previous purpose, but to demonstrate the principle of possession, and how its not what it is, but the purpose of its use that matters. And new purposes can be associated with old objects if the original purpose is recognized for what it is and cast out.

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