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Professor Stanislaus Diavol

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The professor was the first vampire to find his way to the Blackburn Boarding House. He had been on his own for some time, having been basically rejected by his family, having had and held to some very countercultural ideas of his own.

He had heard about the boarding house through less than savory means, being connected to the macabre underground. But his associations with such a dark and twisted reality was strictly due to his inability to hold company with a more honorable sort.

When he arrived, he was overjoyed to find a safe and accepting sort who understood him, and wanted to help him be who he wanted to be. And who wouldn't judge him for the many vampires who, in his view, gave the rest of them a bad name.

He would also be allowed to start teaching students in the magical academy under the direction of Master Benjamin.

While living with the Blackburns, he would come to realize just how special he was, and that no one is destined to be something against their will. It would be through his association with the Blackburns that they would orchestrate a means whereby Diavol would be enabled to have the best of both worlds: be able to drink blood while never harming a single person in the process.

This breakthrough would eventually allow him to influence and start a movement amongst his people that would provide a foundation whereby vampires the world over would be enabled to be rehabilitated and live amongst those who had previously feared them.

Professor Diavol currently resides in his home in the panhandle of Idaho.

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