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Priscilla Peryglous

Priscilla Peryglous was one of few repeat visitors to the Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters. She found the brothers in the 1870s and became a sort of angel investor, though they didn't need the money. She just insisted on sponsoring their endeavors after she saw the care and concern they had for the dark and misunderstood creatures that boarded with them. She was a bit of a traveler herself, and often was abroad. But she always took the time to come the distance to journey to Springville to see her special sons, as she considered them.

Priscilla had the uniquely known for the fact that she had been married a total of seven times, and each to a man named Henry. Each had loved her, but one by one had come to an untimely end. She seemed to live in a perpetual state of mourning, having had to suffer through so many funerals. This had an unusual affect on her wardrobe in that basically all she had was a variety of black dresses and veils. But she wore them with class, which in and of itself made a difference to a widow of her stature.

Whatever the cause of such unfortunate circumstances, very few ever seemed to give her trouble.

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