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Establishing the Northern Kingdom

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The northern kingdom, as it's affectionately called, was initially meant as a temporary outpost for Kris Kringle because the Blackburn Brothers had run out of space in their southern digs. It was made up of a hodge podge of places and resources based in the mountains of what would become northern Idaho and western Montana in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Benjamin and Mortimer had mining operations established there initially, and had decided to create a place where they might stay while they managed the various duties of business there.  They'd then made it available to Kris as a temporary home. The area really grew on him, so much so that he decided to put down roots there long term. He first expanded the location, but in time realized it might be wiser to build something a little more isolated. He decided on a little hamlet and built it to be quite the lovely little village.

This initial attempt at a permanent workshop was foiled in 1910 by the Great Burning, when his hunters finally caught up with him and attempted to destroy his work.


Despite his city being largely spared from the fire due to his many safeguards and committed magical friends, he figured it was only a matter of time until they discovered his hideout. So he fled even further north, where he works to this day.

But the work Kris and company had put into this area did not go unused or unappreciated, even once he had left. With the coming of various creatures looking for refuge, he'd worked with the Blackburns to build various safe houses and given place for societies of various fantastical creatures and groups from the very beginning of his arrival up north.

In fact, these groups had become quite a convincing front for St. Nick, inasmuch as they all had his back, and were enthusiastic to divert and deceive the corrupt magical entities that made their presence known all too often. So even if he'd liked, Kris could have remained in the northern kingdom without much fear. But he did enjoy openly walking the streets of the home that came after, inasmuch as its total isolation, as well as more than adequate protective barriers to warn him of any intruders within a thousand miles.

It was after Kris left and was founding this later base that the largest influx of magical and mystical creatures made their way to the northern kingdom. With the wicked and wiley devices of the djinn at work in the mid and late twentieth century, many, many creatures and beings bid farewell to their homes in the old countries in search of much more freedom and stability that was promised them through the channels back and through the Blackburns. It was by this means that so many magical creatures once only known in the lands of Europe and Asia came to stay and live in the wild woods of the northern kingdom.

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