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Mortimer Blackburn

The more gregarious of the twin brothers, Mortimer Blackburn is an entrepreneur. He emigrated first and got a footing in the new country before being followed eventually by his brother.


And though his home country would always hold a place in his heart, Mortimer was a perfect fit for America with his enterprising wit and appetite for independence.

He originally took up residence in upstate New York, where he met and made friends whom he followed west. Once in Utah, he and his brother opened the various businesses due to the varied dearth of existing opportunities for magical kind, and a desire to be of help.


Mortimer started many businesses over the years, but the one he is most well known for is his chain of mercantile establishments. He also played a large part in the formation of the School for the Alchemical Arts. He also was the angel investor for his brother's brainchild, the Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters, and a founding member of the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts.

He also started a pub like the ones from his home country, though it would come and go as an institution throughout the years.

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