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Mermaids have been a staple of the Blackburn Manor ever since that first encounter. Mortimer had been passing the time fishing on one of the rivers in what would one day be termed the Utah Valley, when he had by chance met her. She had been sunning herself on the shore until she'd heard footsteps, and had been watching him from the reeds ever since.  She had gotten turned around in her bearings, and decided to finally ask for help.

It was in this first meeting that the magic of mermaids had begun to formulate in his mind, and because he was kind to her, she divulged considerable more insight and answer to his questions about their unique power than she had ever before. This due to his kindly and seeing nature; she trusted him unusually quick, at least for a mermaid, and definitely for her. 

His brother Benjamin however, was an entirely different story. That relationship would initially be one of drama and irritation, culminating in downright fights and resentment until one day, unbeknownst to either of them, they would learn some things that would bring down walls and help Benjamin in a way no one had yet been able to help him with.

This relationship would also lead to the restoration and clarification of old mer magic forgotten even by Alaria; Benjamin's unique talents and exceptional research skills would help her to restore a part of her that would soon come in handy as the circumstances in the world would push the merpeople of the world to the brink.

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