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Thaddeus Arthur Grimmshaw

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Thaddeus is one of the most well traveled and quirky residents of the Blackburn Boarding House, but what really sets him apart is the fact that he is a ghost. 


Thaddeus Arthur Grimmshaw had been friends of the Blackburns for many years before his untimely but carefully planned death at the hands of a voluptuous latina young woman in the jungles of South America.


He had worked as a liaison for Mortimer, who used him as a primary contact for an area of the world where Mortimer hadn't had as much experience or contacts.


This job had served him well, as he'd worked for Queen Victoria under her majesty's antiquities and acquisitions department. And he loved a good chase.

He had also had a good run in the wilds of Africa and India respectively as a big game hunting guide in his youth.

But what he was really proud of was the work he did in sleuthing and bringing down the dark wizard Xtacl who infamously terrorized the pygmies in the southeastern Amazon rainforest during his Reign of Terror.

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