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Mercury Blackburn

Mercury Blackburn is the daughter of Benjamin. Having entered this world under the most unusual of circumstsances, she was born in the dawn of the twentieth century and left on the doorstep of her father and uncle. Having been abandoned by her mother, she was raised not only by her father and uncle, but by the folk of the boarding house, who when given the opportunity, were the best and most loving community a little girl could ask for. Granted they were quite unconventional, but the environment was one of acceptance and quirkiness that she thrived in.

As a squib, or person not gifted with the abilities of typical witches and wizards, Mercury had to learn to navigate the wondrous world of her upbringing in ways not typical of children of wizarding parents. She was mentored by her uncle Mortimer, who had always had a reticence about relying on magic, and who was a perfect teacher to assist a "non-magical" student to integrate into a magical community.

Her role in the development of what the Blackburn Family would later be known for was subtle but direct; it was largely through the instrumentality of the needs of her out-of-the-box education that her uncle Mortimer would find and develop the necessary methodology and then go on to create the School for the Alchemical Arts.

As the first student in a remarkable and new approach to learning, Mercury would go on to establish her own field of technological invention, as well as become an entity of great renown in the world of crime fighting. She and her partner would be responsible for the capture of Herman Swallvertin, the infamous villain of the Steamville Massacre. She would also go on to play a pivotal role in the great capture of the Steamville Seven before exiting from that stage of action, but not before leaving her indelible mark on her field of specialty.

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