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Madame Zarina


She used her abilities to manipulate and convince almost everyone in her circle to help her achieve whatever she set her mind to.

Despite her approach to getting what she wanted, Mortimer saw good in her, and patiently looked forward to the day when she would finally turn to using her gifts for the good of others.

He had to wait a long time.

The resident gypsy fortune teller of the Blackburn Boarding House, Madame Zarina was a bit of a scheister. An iconic charletan of the highest order, she had a knack for convincing all but the most hardened skeptics of her supernatural abilities to see into the future. 

She even gave a reading once to the Queen of England, having used her connection to Mortimer, and therefore his confidant Thaddeus to get access to her majesty. And she would have gotten what she had sought, had the royal guard not gotten involved.

Decidedly not magical in the common sense of the word, she was still as smart as a whip, and even more dangerous than a witch on wheels.

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