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The Kyllinger Sisters


Few characters leave the kind of impression on a man like a motivated witch, and the family Kyllinger had three. These ladies were stubborn and focused when they knew what they wanted. And it was that way with their beliefs as well. As witches, they didn't exactly have a religious tradition, but when it came to witchery, they had a surprisingly well developed moral code. If truth be told, it was their mother who raised them alone, and who singlehandedly saw fit that they attend wizarding school, despite her own lack of magical talent. They all three had been born with innate abilities, and their mother had recognized it even before letters came from Massachusetts. But a non magical mom has few tools to teach witches with, except with her own values and talents. And she spared no effort in instilling in them a sense of their obligations to society and their responsibility for watching out for the less fortunate and vulnerable.

And so it was in this context that the spell that would change their lives forever was cast. Because while they were definitely considerate of the needs of their fellow humans and the like, they had no problem whatsoever using whatever else they had at their disposal in order to get what it was that they wanted. Nothing at all. And when these women began to show the signs of aging, they basically didn't care what had to happen, within their moral code, in order to bring about a stoppage to the hideous onrolling of time on their faces and bodies. It was then that one of the sisters, Jeannie, suggested changing a well known questionable spell with a substitution. Instead of using poor, innocent children to suck the life from, they would just use farm fowl. They had learned in school the danger of mixing spells and such, but since the drive was so strong, they decided to go through with it. What impact could it have?

And mostly they were right. They had an immediate and drastic reduction to their crows feet, and lost on average fifteen to twenty pounds. It was only later, under the light of the full moon, that the true consequences of this spell were manifest. Let's just say the chickens truly came home to roost.


How the sisters arrived in Utah from their home in Massachusetts, and then arrived at the Blackburn Boarding House is a much longer story.  What's most important to know is that after even a scrap of time in the Utah Territorial Asylum, Blackburn Manor was a much more welcome place to witches who were not accustomed to living amongst the truly mentally insane.

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