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One of the most peculiar acquaintances the Blackburns would meet along the way of their bizarre and dynamic lives was that of Krampus. He was one of the krampii, a rather prodigious race, rather than the fictionalized single member popularized by the emotionally manipulation of some German parents. They met  him in a local wizarding pub south of Hanover. He had had a rough go recently, and was questioning the meaning of life when lo and behold, he serendipitously met the Blackburns. They had come on business, but always made it a point to stop in their favorite tavern when they saw him. His downcast eyes and unmoving body language told them enough, and they decidied to help. Well, Mortimer did, anyway. Benjamin wasn't in the habit of imposing himself on perfect strangers, and he'd often be put off by his brother's tendency to do so. In this case, he didn't mind so much, being interested in all sorts of dark and bizarre creatures, and from the look on his face and his obvious intention to study the intricacies of Krampus' horned head, Ben was secretely fascinated.

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