Blackburn Academy

of the

Magical Arts

School Feasts

One of the most popular activities we host at the Blackburn Academy is our school feasts. We pull out all the stops and go for the gold as it were with an eleven course meal.  Expect two appetizers, two drinks, roast chicken, rolls, one sweet, and one savory salad, cheesecake, ice cream, and one more dessert! (vegetables need not apply)

We put the house elves of our European counterparts to shame.

Feast Packages

Beginning of Term Feast

Come indulge in an eleven course feast. Three desserts, a hot and a cold drink, two appetizers, roast chicken, rolls, and one sweet and one savory side dish. A personalized, handcrafted acceptance letter is included.

A School Feast and Two Classes

Enjoy an 11 course meal and two classes of your choice. Personalized, handcrafted acceptance letter included.

A Feast and Month of Classes

Receive an 11 course feast, two classes a week for a month (four weeks), and a personalized, handcrafted acceptance letter to the school.

Murder Mystery

A murder has occurred at the Blackburn Boarding House! Help discover who did the ghastly deed. Not only can you enjoy an elaborate feast, but you'll interact with the various characters and spaces inside and out at the Blackburn Boarding House.

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