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Jean baptiste

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Jean Baptiste had originally come to Utah from Europe. He had lived and worked in Salt Lake City as a grave digger. It was a thankless job, and paid so very little. But as an entrepreneur and thinker outside the box, he found other means whereby he could make a little money on the side. 

This was all fine and good until a sheriff discovered his side gig and put a stop to it.

He would quickly be banished to an island in the Great Salt Lake. But this didn't put an end to his abilities; he would soon find a way off the island and make his way north.

It was up in the mines of Montana that he would meet Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn, and they would convince him to return to his original digs in Utah. Their promise of protection would prove reliable, and he would eventually be glad to be back in the south; mining never really was his thing, and he had sorrowed over the rejection by the Utah community. He had always struggled to be accepted, and had always mourned that he had never been welcome.

He would find his place and his people however in the boarding house of the Blackburns. He would basically become the butler, and be free to help whoever asked for his assistance; it was a fruitful life, and he had it pretty easy. The brothers were kind and empathetic, especially Master Benjamin, who basically treated him like an elder brother.

Jean would eventually meet a nice girl named Agatha and have two kids. They would always keep close to their adopted family the Blackburns, who in time would encourage their kids to discover their own gifts and moving away until they realized that life in service brought them more joy than anything they'd found elsewhere.

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