Creation 101: How to Recognize, Cultivate,

and Harness Your Full Creative Capacity


Unfortunately right now, we only teach adults that are of age. Teenagers are welcome to join, but our priority is to assist those who have complete, or should have complete stewardship over themselves and their living. 


This system of learning endorses the basic premise that knowledge is key. In addition to this, it is organized around these three central ideas:

  • Students should each have an overarching constructive purpose in their life.

Constructive in this context is defined as "kindness and charity-oriented activities that awaken joy in oneself and others," and leading to the promotion of the same.

  • Students must be motivated from within. 

Each student intrinsically has at least one or more subjects that, if awakened, validated, and fueled, will motivate said student more than anything the institution otherwise could do to initiate it. As this is applied, it will lead to a more efficient expenditure of school resources overall. 

  • There are universal principles that pervade every process.

In this system, these undergirding and overarching principles get articulated and methodically taught. When understood by students, this knowledge will help them negotiate their own learning process in a way that empowers them to act, rather than be acted upon.

Students that are motivated from within due to their purpose, who know and have permission to excel in that which brings them joy, and who understand the basic operating principles of the universe will teach themselves, and will reinvest themselves and their resources into the system that has thus empowered them.


Currently this system resides in Springville at my home, otherwise known as the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts, where awakening imagination is the central tenant.  The entire installation is built around the objective of encouraging the use of imagination, and giving visitors the subliminal permission to embrace it themselves.


Our Learning the Creator's Way classes happen as often as demand requires. If you'd like to participate, contact us via our Scheduling page, and download Learning the Creator's Way, the booklet for our creativity class. The class is free.


This system was created because its founder was disillusioned by the system of memorization and regurgitation that was common in his upbringing and early years. He felt himself dying inside, while at the same time, occasionally having these exultant experiences of imaginative wonder that left him questioning the discrepancy between the two.


We accomplish these purposes through a basic format. Students attend a regular class focused on the Learning the Creator's Way student manual. The format of these classes are conversational, and deal with topics that cause students to self-reflect. The culture engendered by these group discussions cultivate an environment of generosity, creativity, and

opportunities. This culture is the center of this learning system.

This culture is a flourishing community of activities and opportunities that are constantly seeking to expand and incorporate others. These activities are organized around the core ideas that the school promotes and operates around. In this way, each activity becomes a laboratory for the students as they engage and participate.

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