Wizarding in the Wild West

Masters Mortimer and

 Benjamin Blackburn's


for the



Future Offerings


Learn beginning blacksmithing on a coal forge.

Longsword Fighting

Learn the techniques and skills used in this historical European martial art.


Learn all about birds of prey and what it takes to become a licensed falconer, and you'll meet some incredible birds of prey!

Chain Maille

Learn the labor-intensive methods of making defensive under armor.

Soap Making

Learn the simple (and potentially dangerous) process of saponification or making soap, all from scratch!


Learn to use a sewing machine, design clothing, and create a costume of your own.

Book Binding

Learn the age-old stages and craft of sewing together the elements of a leather-bound book.

Rag Rub Weaving

Get your first lesson in weaving. Learn how to weave a rag rug. Limited looms available- you bring the rags.

Throwing Pottery

Learn how to throw a pot on the wheel, drying, and glazing.

Crafting Stained Glass

Learn to design, cut, and solder colored glass into worthy windows and pieces of art.

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