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The Good People

It would be through his ambitious pursuit of expanding his mercantile that Mortimer would meet the Good People, or the Fae of Ireland. They were just a remnant of a once noble and high civilization that had mostly left this sphere in pursuit of their ancient lands. And from the standpoint of their ancestors, these elves were rudimentary and fallen.  But as the custodians of ancient alchemical knowledge, they lived to preserve the ancient wisdom once common amongst the earliest sidhe.

The knowledge they held was by no means complete, but what they had preserved was remarkable.

And it was through these dedicated preservation efforts that ancient blessed knowledge was able to flow to Mortimer, who then pursued each of the remaining strands of knowledge to their respective receptacles across the world.

Initially the Good People had, with kindness, desired to stay in Ireland. They were so dedicated to preserving this wisdom, that there was nothing on earth that could take them away from this duty. 

But once the djinn overshadowed and overtook so many lands, and as the Good People kept in contact with the brothers, they eventually migrated to America where they sought to more openly teach and advocate the principles that their efforts had helped retain.

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