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Delving Dwarves of the Alps

The delving dwarves of southern Germany were one of the peoples who came into the story directly as a result of the efforts put forth by Mortimer in seeking them out. He had been apprised of their existence by the Good People, who had helped awaken in him the desire for metallurgy. They, being some of the last workers of magical ore, had initially been reticent to share their secrets with an outsider. But in time, the wizard had shown through his great love of others unlike himself had opened the small hearts of the dwarves, and he had basically been adopted by them as an honorary dwarf.

Many of them had even uprooted themselves in order to help him open up new magical mines in the south and north, and it had been unintentionally their role to even save the majority of the sidhe when the Great Fire swept through the north in 1910. 

The dwarves had begun warming up to the idea of having brothers outside their own kind, and they were not unaware of Mortimer's role in their change. Through the difficulties that would eventually lead to the Great Magical Migration, the dwarves would also come in contact with their distant relatives in the Far East, and their new hearts would allow a fast incorporation of these brethren into the larger community that by that time, had become what was known as the Northern Kingdom.

Eventually the dwarves of the Bitterroots, as they would later be called, would venture to establish a re-creation of their ancient ancestral home in the sheer, glacial, north central mountains of Montana, where they remain ensconced to this day.

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