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The Djann and Djinn

The second magical race is that of the Djann and Djinn. These two races are counterparts of each other. They are technically of the same material, but their motives and what they have respectively accomplished in the pursuit of those motives makes them polar opposites. The way through which they act is also diametrically different.

The djann act through very specific parameters, and only within certain circumstances. The djinn, on the other hand, will do whatever they can to achieve the ends they desire. Both have the ability to use physical magic, and can act through others with bodies, but they themselves do not have a naturally physical form.

It is through learning the means by which each of these races influence and act that the humans and sidhe learn to more fully embrace their own magical power.

the Djinn


Ever since the world began, there has been a force lurking in the backs of cupboards and in the dark beneath the foundations of buildings where secrets lie in wait to haunt and possess us. It broods and breathes fire into the darkness and corrupts the intent of jealous lovers and selfish businessmen, the disgusting impenetrable fortresses of kings and the dank, and the smelly lairs of selfish wart-covered witches.

The force that binds them all is that of the Djinn. Born before the foundations of this world, they were banished here for a time to tempt and try those embodied for a higher and holier purpose: to see if they, through their experience, could prove to themselves what they were made of, and in turn act for good in the creation of Creators from their fellow man.

The evil of the world can be boiled down to one force. While individuals choose to embrace evil, the spirits that seduce and keep them there are these creatures who act upon them with wills of their own.


The djinn do not have material frames, but can take over the corporeal bodies of others if they can be successfully subjegated and acted upon.

But they do not act without a counterpart. Also sent to this earth are the djann, the angels that act in opposition to the forces of evil. These beings are never acted upon by this world, but act as agents of light and truth to enable and empower those who seek their help and honor the principles that govern the higher realm from which they come. Never coercing, always inviting.

The djann and djinn have been around since the dawn of time, and have accompanied man and sidhe and collaborated in all their stories and each of their actions, whether good or bad. 

The djinn have been planning a take over of the entire earth, and act through others in bringing about those ends. In the twentieth century, they begin to see their chance to take ultimate control. Certain systems invite and entertain these creatures by the principles at play and employed by those means. 


And in the twenty-first century, they are plotting to take ultimate power. Once all the systems bow to the patterns harnessed by this evil race, they will have mastery and control over all those who subject themselves to them.

Once before, in ancient antiquity, they took over completely, save a single family. The world was wholey flooded and given another chance to act independent of the immediate influence of the djinn.

But despite their plans, there is a day prophesied that the king of the djinn and his minions would be bound for a thousand years and good magic would abound, and wisdom and knowledge would flow, and the earth would be filled with joy and rejoicing.

The days of Atlantis and Avalon will return and the three magical peoples will act as one to bind the djinn and build at last a peace that will last for untold generations.

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