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Heirloom of the House of Blackburn

One of the only heirlooms of the Blackburn house was that of a ring given to Benjamin by his father. The ring had come into his father's possession through his association with masonry. Masonry had been a part of Irish culture for years uncounted. Apparently the local lodge boasted to have a history that originated in Jerusalam.  The ring supposedly was handed down through a genealogy of stewards, and had, by right, be given to their father.

It was a silver ring with a five pointed star within a circle. There was a rim around the outside that appeared to have been a place where a stone could have been mounted by pressure.

It was in the throes of their capture on the coast of west Africa and his father's subsequent death that his father had asked his son to give the ring to his brother, who had always seemed distant from him. He wished to convey to him a symbol of his love for his son, and his desire that he become the best he could be.

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