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The Star-Crossed Mummy of Amenhotep

The Star-Crossed Mummy of Amnotep

While in Egypt, Mortimer comes across an unusual mummy.


The mummy had long been exposed to the outside world after one of the archeologists years earlier had left a radio in his tomb, and he has been listening to motivational speakers ever since. He struggled sometimes to put his broken finger on it, but somehow it awakened something hot like fire within him, and this inspired certain goals and ideas that he'd never considered to affect change within the world beyond.


Mortimer agrees to take him secretly to his school in Utah where he can help him better hone his talents and skills. They must affect a plan to smuggle him out of Egypt and overseas.


Its a Mission-Impossible style heist to get him through the muggle authorities, but they meet with success by dressing him up as a diseased but slender Southern woman with exaggerated features (a la Bugs Bunny).

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