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King Solus

A time traveler who shows up in many tales and stories. He has many names, and serves the people he is with until he is called elsewhere. It is by him that Mortimer receives the djinn slaying sword. He also conveys to him armbands, a necklace, and a ring. From that point on, Mortimer takes on the role of djinn slayer. The djinn are dark fire that must be destroyed in laying the foundation of the thousand years of peace foreseen. Mortimer uses it to destroy dark fire in many individuals who seek his companionship at various and sundry times. They enter through fear.

A counterfeit of Solus precedes him in the shape of a red coated, guitar carrying visitor with a faerie wife. He was possessed of fear, which leads to his being cast out of the companionship of the brothers. He even has a dream where he is led to the community the brothers have surrounding them, but his connection and participation is contingent on him conforming to the conditions imposed on him in his participation.

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