Adventures in Wonderland

As Mortimer Blackburn attempted to expand his mercantile, he came across many lands that had been otherwise been hidden from the world of witches and wizards. Wonderland was one of them. It was in his pursuit of new vendors as well as new audiences for his products that he came across the peoples of Wonderland. 

He set up tents wherever he could in order to make money for his business.

The circumstances under which Mortimer discovered Wonderland were anything but conventional howerver. It came about through his association with a professor at Oxford who, through his own personal adventures and wanderings had chanced upon a rabbit hole that led him to this unusual and counterintuitive place.

It was quite convenient though, as Mortimer had only recently been looking to expand his rather successful business beyond the world of the mundane, as he would put it, or the regular cities and institutions of witches and wizards.