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Blackburn Academy

of the

Magical Arts

quill and ink class

Here at the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts, we offer a selection of seven classes for new witches and wizards looking to expand their magical abilities.


Students usually choose at least two and take then one after the other, and they each last approximately forty-five minutes.

We recommend that before you enroll, read up on the stories of the Blackburn brothers, create a character, and dream up a costume to wear to class!

Then enroll and come dressed in character!

Magical  Classes

Candle Making

candle dipping

Learn the age-old art of candle dipping and take home your handcrafted treasure.

Quills & Ink

quills and ink writing

Have you ever written with a quill and ink? You'll use a real turkey quill and homemade English walnut ink crafted here on the premises and take home your masterpiece.


venus flytrap

You will learn hands-on about plants of every kind, from cacti to the carnivorous. You'll also learn how to pot and care for your own plant which you will take home!

Wand Making

magic wands in their boxes

Learn the high and subtle art of wand making from our resident wand maker, Master Mortimer Blackburn. You are outfitted with all the materials necessary for its construction, including knowledge, wood core, sculpting material, paint, and urethane.

Care of Magical Creatures

bearded flying dragon

Come learn about and interact with our menagerie of creatures, including snakes, rats, dead lizards, tarantulas, a red-eyed tree frog, and salt and freshwater fish.


Mortimer Blackburn looking into a crystal ball

Do you have the Inner Eye? Ascend our Divination Tower, and learn how to see into the beyond!


making troll boogers

Come learn to brew forbidden draughts in a cast-iron cauldron over an open fire.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

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