Wizarding in the Wild West

Blackburn Academy

of the

Magical Arts

quill and ink class

Here at the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts, we offer a selection of beginner magical classes for new witches and wizards looking to expand their magical abilities. Students choose and take two at a time, and they each last approximately forty-five minutes each.

We also offer advanced classes for more ambitious students of all magical backgrounds. These are more involved and require a longer term commitment as they focus on not just skills, but essential fundamentals. These classes may also include further costs, depending on the subject.

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Beginner  Classes

Candle Making

candle dipping

Learn the age-old art of candle dipping and take home your handcrafted treasure.

Quills & Ink

quills and ink writing

Have you ever written with a quill and ink? You'll use a real turkey quill and homemade English walnut ink crafted here on the premises and take home your masterpiece.


venus flytrap

You will learn hands-on about plants of every kind, from cacti to the carnivorous. You'll also learn how to pot and care for your own plant which you will take home!


making troll boogers

Come learn to brew forbidden draughts in a cast-iron cauldron over an open fire.

Care of Magical Creatures

bearded flying dragon

Come learn about and interact with our menagerie of creatures, including snakes, rats, dead lizards, tarantulas, a red-eyed tree frog, and salt and freshwater fish.


Do you have the Inner Eye? Ascend our Divination Tower, and learn how to see into the beyond!

Penny Whistle


Get your first lesson in learning to play the Irish penny whistle. From medieval tunes to iconic contemporary melodies, you just have to start! Practice instruments are provided.

Wand Making

magic wands in their boxes

Learn the high and subtle art of wand making from our resident wand maker, Master Mortimer Blackburn. You are outfitted with all the materials necessary for its construction, including knowledge, wood core, sculpting material, paint, and urethane.


Advanced  Classes

Broom Making

Learn the craft of assembling an old-timey appalachian style broom.

Wood Working

Learn the old-fashioned technique of making useful things from of wood.

Instrumental Music

Take private lessons in piano,  voice, violin, viola, penny whistle


Learn how to germinate and grow plants, as well as design and maintain a garden

Event Design & Planning

Learn to craft exquisite experiences that awaken  the imagination of your audience and stay in your budget.

Rappelling Sports

Overcome your fear of heights and integrate your body and mind through the moving meditation that is rock climbing and canyoneering.

Film Production

Learn the ins and outs of movie-making from beginning to end, whether it be writing, planning, shooting, or editing.

Partner Dance

Take lessons in American

swing, latin sociallatin ballroom. and standard ballroom techniques.

Production Design

Learn how to design a space by harnessing powerful tools and resources currently at your disposal

World Building

Learn how to harness what you know in order to create a plausible fictional world.

Classes in Development



Learn beginning blacksmithing on a coal forge.

Longsword Fighting


Learn the techniques and skills used in this historical European martial art.


Learn all about birds of prey and what it takes to become a licensed falconer, and you'll meet some incredible birds of prey!

Chain Maille


Learn the labor-intensive methods of making defensive under armor.

Soap Making

Learn the simple (and potentially dangerous) process of saponification or making soap, all from scratch!


Learn to use a sewing machine, design clothing, and create a costume of your own.

Book Binding


Learn the age-old stages and craft of sewing together the elements of a leather-bound book.

Rag Rub Weaving


Get your first lesson in weaving. Learn how to weave a rag rug. Limited looms available- you bring the rags.

Throwing Pottery


Learn how to throw a pot on the wheel and other processes like drying and glazing.

Crafting Stained Glass


Learn to design, cut, and solder colored glass into worthy windows and pieces of art.

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