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The House of Blackburn Manor


The house and grounds inhabited by wizards in downtown Springville, Utah has more than a few surprises for the unschooled visitor.

Take the graveyard, for instance. A passageway from the basement leads out and exists through the small but prominent mausoleum. The angel in the graveyard was not placed there by anyone in memory. And the cemetery isn't so much a graveyard, as an extension of accommodations for the boarding house, if you catch the drift.

The master bedroom is physically different, depending on who is home, and seems to have a mind of its own. It contains anything from a large single king sized bed to bunkbeds when on the off chance the two brothers are each home.

On staff is a zombie maid and zombie gardener, and a macabre butler who has been around for ages, and shows it in his bald, wrinkled face.

And there is the odd repeat customer who has been coming and going for who knows how long. At least for the last century. How she holds her ravishing form after so long a life is anybody's guess.

The bricks on the exterior of the house seem to not be able to hold themselves together, a problem which eventually needs to be remedied.

The courtyard and gardens of the house are its most stunning feature. Decades of careful cultivation have led to it being the focus of any visitors.

Blackburn Manor is the home of multiple business and community endeavors, including the Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters, home to the flagship branch of Master Mortimer's Magical Mercantile and Marketplace, the Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts, home to the Staff and the Stone Pub, and the flagship branch for Masters Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn's School for the Alchemical Arts. Many other small businesses have sprung from the rooms and spaces of the Blackburn Manor through the minds and imaginations of its residents, but as those are an outgrowth of the work of the Alchemical School, and do not fall within the jurisdiction of the Blackburn brothers, we will not mention those in any detail beyond this description.

She has changed much over the years, but one thing has remained; it is a safe and secure place where dark and magical creatures have found protection and purpose. Whenever she has been affronted by influences that have not had her nor her inhabitants best interest in mind, she or the powers that possess her have found a way to cast these counterfeits out and strengthen the boundaries to keep mal-intended influences where they belong.

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