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The Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters is a safe house for dark creatures who have been rejected by their own kind.  We provide a protective place for them to be safe, heal, and find themselves. We welcome those who might need a space to put down personal demons and to build their confidence.


The Blackburn Boarding House was established in the year 1888, when the brothers Blackburn determined to build a more permanent residence after years of gypsy-like wandering. 


Benjamin had always expressed a desire to provide a place where he might better provide protection for the many dark and damaged creatures that tended to find him and follow him home. So his brother and primary financier, Mortimer, obliged and they settle down. He also had a tendency to bring home strays.

They chose Springville as a place of operations, mainly for the benefit of being largely out of the main flow of the regular goings-on of the larger non-magical community, as well as the decent folks and their general open-mindness. Experience had informed this decision; the isolation of Utah hadn't spared them completely from the influence and negative impact of the prejudice outside the magical community, and they wished to leave it behind.


The brothers had had many friends come to stay with them over the years, to their great mutual benefit. But in time they recognized that this would be much simpler if they established a permanent residence.

Until setting up the permanent house, the twins had always formally agreed that permanent housing for anyone other than themselves and their family would be strictly out of the question. In truth it never happened that way, due to Benjamin's tendency to bring home strays, but they knew it was a great risk to the local community have all sorts of magical (to be honest, more like unhinged and dark) creatures about, and with Benjamin's history, it was always important to do what they could to avoid drawing the gaze of the national wizarding authorities.

But this didn't stop them, really. And so it was with great personal relief that Mortimer, after devising an elaborate magical network of spells of concealment, as well as a strict promise from Benjamin that he would impress upon the boarders in the strongest way possible the most stringent standards of conduct, Mortimer agreed to assist his brother in building up this safe-house for those fortunate creatures whom his brother so desperately wanted to help.

Come To The Boarding house

​We have three signature events we hold that you might participate in: our seasonal haunted house, our ongoing murder mystery dinners, our monthly full moon feasts, and staying the night in our pirate bunk house.

We look forward to eating, err, meeting you!

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