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Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts is an American magic school in Springville, Utah, dedicated to the instruction and preparation of young witches and wizards of all ages. Students may enroll and take classes, attend school feasts, as well as hold their own special events.

Founded by Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn, B.A.M.A. hosts a range of subjects, including plants, Potions, and Penny Whistle.

It follows largely after the European magical tradition, but with a distinctive American flair. The Academy seeks to help each pupil discover and fulfill their ultimate creative potential; while students gravitate to different subjects, we don't sort students into houses.

The school is particularly well known  for it's elaborate feasts. The magical mercantile tent on the premises also has a considerable reputation; students and adults visit regularly to buy school supplies, and to fulfill common wizarding household needs.

We host a totally original murder mystery where you get to role play as one of the residents. Dinner can either be provided or potluck. 

We are currently open for business, and can give you a free tour; just send us an owl to let us know you're coming!


The Founders

Mortimer Blackburn

The principal of Blackburn Academy is Mortimer Blackburn. He originally emigrated from Blackburn, England. Though his home country will always hold a place in his heart, Mortimer was attracted to America by his enterprising wit, a new start, and the promise of independence.

He originally took up residence in upstate New York, where he met friends whom he followed west.

Once in Utah, he and his brother opened the academy due to a complete absence of local magical education, and a desire to help.

In addition to the school, Mortimer has made a name for himself through Master Mortimer’s Magical Mercantile, where he provides for the material needs of the general magical population and students of the academy.

Benjamin Blackburn the III

Benjamin Blackburn and his brother come from a well-known line of European wizards going back many generations. He is the Assistant Principal at the Blackburn Academy, and the landlord who oversees the Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, & Monsters.

His greatest desire is to carry on the magical tradition by perpetuating the skills and knowledge to the young of the magical community.

He is the Professor of Charms, Hexes, and Transfiguration.

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Our Location

Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts

317 S 200 West

Springville, Utah


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