Wizarding in the Wild West

Blackburn Academy

of the

Magical Arts

The Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts has been in the midst of a transition. While we will always offer magical classes to new witches and wizards, lately we have been preoccupied with a larger goal. We're no longer interested in just teaching those with an in-born aptitude for working spells; we wish to assist all parties who have desires by meeting them where they're at. We want to help everyone with desire to achieve by meeting them where they're at. We seek to expand their capacities through cultivating their natural gifts and motivations, regardless of their natural abilities.

In order to do this, we have found it necessary to change the name of the Blackburn Academy in order to distinguish this from our previous endeavors. So let us be the first to welcome you to

Masters Mortimer and

 Benjamin Blackburn's


for the



This school is open for enrollment. You may enroll below. You can also read more about it here. FYI, In the mundane world, it goes by a rather mediocre name, Thirdofeight Institute for Creativity, but in the wizarding community, it maintains the name of Masters Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn's School for the Alchemical Arts.

One of the integral aspects of this new system of teaching is providing unfettered access to the skills and knowledge that are required by student's goals. Though our resources are limited, we have a growing list of skills and abilities we offer. We have listed them below.

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Skills We Offer

Broom Making

Learn the craft of assembling an old-timey appalachian style broom.

Wood Working

Learn the old-fashioned technique of making useful things from of wood.

Instrumental Music

Take private lessons in piano,  voice, violin, viola, penny whistle


Learn how to germinate and grow plants, as well as design and maintain a garden

Event Design & Planning

Learn to craft exquisite experiences that awaken  the imagination of your audience and stay in your budget.

Rappelling Sports

Overcome your fear of heights and integrate your body and mind through the moving meditation that is rock climbing and canyoneering.

Film Production

Learn the ins and outs of movie-making from beginning to end, whether it be writing, planning, shooting, or editing.

Partner Dance

Take lessons in American

swing, latin sociallatin ballroom. and standard ballroom techniques.

Production Design

Learn how to design a space by harnessing powerful tools and resources currently at your disposal

World Building

Learn how to use what you know in order to create a plausible fictional world

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