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About me

About Me


My name is Benjamin Leo Roche. I am a committed follower of Jesus Christ who seeks to follow Him. I do this by attempting to embody my ideals and ideas in the way I live my life. is an online home to a collection of projects meant to achieve this goal.

Professionally, I am a first a storyteller, but I am also a mindfulness counselor, a community builder, and a creativity educator respectively. Each of these roles does not exist or function independently, but rather are various essential aspects of a integrated whole.

To that end, Wizarding in the Wild West: Tale of the Blackburn Brothers is a multifaceted ecosystem that provides a place for each of these roles of mine to manifest and play together. As a system, it provides for and uses a variety of mediums and methods.

You can learn more in detail about exactly what it is I do and how I do it by following the links on the main page. If you have questions, you may contact me here.

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