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Second installation of my bare #essentials setup #MasterMortimers #farmersmarket #wizardin

Blackburn Manor

317 S 200 W

Springville, Utah


Hello friends! 

My name is Master Mortimer Blackburn. My brother Benjamin and I welcome you to the Blackburn Manor where we run a school to help members of the magical community develop their inherent abilities and latent potential. We are especially enthusiastic about helping those who are willing to cast out fear, and embrace truth and hope and who want to help us build a better world.


We also run a boarding house where those who often consider themselves misfits or outcasts feel comfortable, and can live and feel safe. We as a community are dedicated to helping them live and thrive despite a larger world that might be wild, unexpected and cruel.

In addition to our school and boarding house, we also run a mercantile store, a wizard pub, and magical marketplace. We also host ongoing musical fireside and night time gatherings.

You are welcome to come join us at any time, but its usually best if you make an appointment.

I'm happy to meet you, answer your questions, perhaps fill requests, and show you around the place.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Masters Mortimer and

 Benjamin Blackburn's


for the



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