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Hello friends! 


My brother Benjamin and I welcome you to the world of Wizarding in the Wild West! We are a community of alchemists, artists, and story tellers who will immerse you in a world of make-believe and play.


As a community, we promote and cultivate imagination and creativity. We also mentor and teach alchemy to students who wish to make a positive impact on the world.


The world we inhabit is one of magical beings, fantastical places, and quirky but entertaining stories. Not only can you read about them, but you can experience many of the events spoken of in person!

There are magical markets, enchanted fires, feasts, tours, shopping in the magical mercantilewand testing, classespersonal mentoring, and an elaborate murder mystery. You can stay the night in our pirate bunkhouse, visit our haunted boarding house on Halloween, or schedule and attend an exclusive private party. We also are developing specific events at the request of our growing list of unique patrons, including massive feasts and formal balls. All this and more is going on at and through the witches and wizards of Blackburn Manor.

You can learn more about each of these activities by clicking the links above or following the tabs at the top of the page. Further, you can check out our latest on Instagram @wizarding_in_the_wildwest, or by joining our Facebook group, Master Mortimer's Magical Marketplace.

Most importantly, if this is your thing, we recommend you stick around to learn a thing or two about the world we inhabit. Then come join us for one of our magical gatherings, create a character, assemble a costume, and get involved in our growing community; there's always some ongoing shenanigans.

The characters, events, venues, and stories presented herein are also a part of a television series we are developing. If you desire, and with a little luck, who knows, you may just end up becoming a part of the story!

We look forward to meeting you.

Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn