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Second installation of my bare #essentials setup #MasterMortimers #farmersmarket #wizardin

Hello friends! 

My name is Mortimer Blackburn. My brother Benjamin and I welcome you to the world of Wizarding in the Wild West!

Here in Springville, Utah, we run a School for the Alchemical Arts where we help curious and creative students of all ages and backgrounds to cultivate their unique talents.

I learned long ago that not all gifts show themselves at the outset, but through careful cultivation and encouragement, significant and valuable abilities will emerge.

As part of our desire to awaken the talents of our visitors, we host a myriad of immersive fantastical experiences for them to engage in. Our hallmark event is a sixteen person murder mystery that gives visitors a chance to participate in live theater. Our wizarding academy also provides an opportunity for young witches and wizards to enroll in a variety of beginner magical classes. We also open up our boarding house at Halloween for immersive tours and for delicious catered feasts all year round. We even have a pirate bunkhouse above our workshop where you can stay the night with you and five of your friends.

If you just decide to stop by, our magical mercantile store is open for business where you can shop for any wizarding effects you might require.

You're welcome to contact us and stop by any time. I'll tell you more about what we do, answer any of your questions, and even give you a tour of the place.

Message or phone (208) 819-7131 or simply cast a patronus in my direction with your intentions, and we'll set a time to meet.

Looking forward to it!

Mortimer Blackburn

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